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Wier seeking D4 OK House seat

Christopher Wier is seeking the District 4 seat to the Oklahoma House of Representatives for the upcoming election.

Wier, a Democrat, was born and raised in rural Oklahoma and moved around after high school before he settled down in Tahlequah in 2021.

"I fell in love with the small town feel, while also being apart of a growing and thriving community," he said.

Wier said he decided to run for office a year ago when he was lying in bed in his "run-down" shack of a house, watching water pour in the roof.

"I was watching social media’s response to the Tennessee Three being expunged, and I knew that I had to do something. Oklahoma wasn’t that far away physically or politically. So as I am sitting in my home, watching the American Promise being stripped from entire constituencies, I knew that I had to either do everything I could to save our state or I had to go," Wier said.

He added that he found District 4 struggled at a higher rate with financial security, with over a quarter of the district living in circumstances that were not far off from his.

"We are the 71st poorest county out of the 77 [counties], and at the same time we are the 18th most populated county. This all told me that I had to do something to speak for the working-class Oklahomans that my district was so full of," he said.

Wier said he grew up in the "Oklahoma Standard" of living in a single-parent household where multiple children are being raised.

"My mom worked every day to make sure I had what I needed. As a result of her personal sacrifices, I was able to develop an inexplicable need to appeal to justice. I saw the injustices our society forced folks to suffer through, and I knew that I could be a cog in the machine of change," he said.

Wier said his experience isn't that of a "normal" candidate as he doesn't have extensive experience working in politics, or climbing the corporate ladder.

"I do have experience advocating for the little guy. I do have experience in advocating for what is right. I do have experience in listening to those around me," he said.

Wier said his plans if he's elected are being a champion of rural communities in the state House.

"I plan on showing up every single day, advocating for small towns, and writing [policies] that enacts effective change. I will use every day in the Capitol as an opportunity to learn and be a better legislator. I plan on using my vote on each and every bill with one thing in mind, 'will my constituency approve,'" he said.

In his short year of being in electoral politics, Wier said he's found that people want to be represented by someone who is willing to actually represent their interests.

"Folks just want to be able to reach out to their elected official and know that their woes will be heard. I plan on using my dutifully elected position to bring folks together," he said.


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