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Update 1: stabbing victim's condition unknown

Tahlequah Police Chief Nate King said officers responded to reports of an altercation between family members at a residence on Lola Lane Friday evening.

"During that altercation a knife was produced. We have one individual who left the scene in an ambulance and the last word we have is he is alive. The person responsible for the wounds sustained, which was a knife wound, is in custody," King said.

Search warrants were being obtained through Cherokee Nation to collect "biological evidence" and clothing. King said his department is handling the investigation.

"We have about three witnesses who were also present that we'll be interviewing and taking evidence off their persons," King said. "Right now, it's being treated as an assault with a deadly weapon."

King said the stabbing victim's current condition is unknown and it wasn't determined whether he was airlifted to a Tulsa hospital.

Both parties involved are Federally recognized tribal members. Tahlequah News will provide any updates on the victim's condition once those details are released.


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