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State dismisses case against woman who allegedly ran from police while vandalizing football field; Cherokee Nation picks it up

Two cases against a Tahlequah woman who was accused of eluding police and vandalizing the football field at Sequoyah High School have been dismissed due to lack of jurisdiction.

Maggie Caudle, a tribal member, was charged with endangering others while eluding and assault and battery on a police officer in Muskogee County District Court for the March 1 incident.

Several law enforcement agencies were involved in a pursuit that began in Tahlequah and ended in Muskogee. Caudle was accused of stealing a truck at Stuteville Ford of Tahlequah.

Caudle reportedly struck a fence at Sequoyah High School. Video footage posted to Facebook purportedly shows the woman drive onto the football field, and doing donuts. Witnesses said Caudle was yelling, "White power" and "I'm the new chief."

"She was able to get back on the roadway and the Cherokee Nation Marshal Service was able to catch up with the vehicle. Somewhere on U.S. Highway 62, a pursuit ensued and they pursued her into Fort Gibson where [the Oklahoma Highway Patrol] took over the pursuit," Tahlequah Assistant Police Chief Dexter Scott said.

The chase eventually ended at a dealership in Muskogee when Caudle was taken into custody.

According to court records, Caudle's cases were dismissed in Muskogee County District Court due to lack of jurisdiction since she's a tribal member.

Cherokee Nation confirmed that Caudle was charged in CN District Court with malicious injury to property, grand larceny, assault and battery on a police officer, running a road block, and endangering other while eluding. Her initial appearance was April 9 and a disposition is slated for June 11.


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