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Sheriff's Reports 7-1-24: Suspected drunken driver admits to consuming 12 beers shortly before vehicle crash

A man said he consumed alcohol before crashing his vehicle in a ditch.

On June 27, Cherokee County Sheriff's Deputy Cassondra Truett was called to reports of a vehicle crash on North Shoreline Drive and North Riviera Drive in Hulbert. The deputy met with Joshua Henson, who was being tended to by EMS personnel. She said the man had an odor of alcohol coming from his person. Henson said he attempted to turn while on North Riviera Drive when he almost struck a mailbox. He added that he overcorrected before crashing into a ditch. Henson admitted to consuming 12 beers two hours before he crashed the vehicle. Truett noted in her report that Henson was not seen driving and he was already out of the vehicle by the time EMS arrived. Henson was arrested after a field sobriety test and booked on anticipated charges for public intoxication.

On June 25, Deputy Jesse Mitchell was dispatched to the bottom of Eldon Hill due to suspicious activity. Dispatch advised that a man was taking off his shirt and appeared that he was trying to take off his pants while beside the roadway. Mitchell arrived to find a shirtless Shane Coy Clayton walking in circles. Mitchell said the man's feet appeared to be in a "still smoking fire" that had been started by Clayton. Clayton reportedly said he was walking from a friend's house, where he was to "meet ladies." The deputy said he was unwilling to provide information on where the friend's house was, or identify of the friend. Clayton said he was hoping that someone driving by would give him a ride to the top of Eldon Hill. Mitchell asked the man about reports of him removing his clothing and Clayton allegedly said he was looking for his shirt, while said shirt was on the handle bars of his bicycle. The man was detained for suspicion of public intoxication. The deputy asked Clayton if he had anything on his person and he said he had was his prescription. A glass pipe, marijuana, and an empty marijuana container were located on Clayton. Mitchell found a pill bottle that had part of the prescription label ripped off. Part of the name still showing ended in "onja" and Clayton admitted that bottle didn't belong to him. He claimed he found the bottle on the side of the road. Mitchell said the pills in the bottle were possibly identified as oxycodone hydrochloride, a schedule II narcotic. Clayton was arrested and booked for possession of a schedule II narcotic and possession of a controlled dangerous substance without a valid prescription.

Sgt. Ryan Patton was on patrol on State Highway 51 June 13 when he observed a vehicle swerving on the road. The vehicle continued to swerve in front of Patton before he conducted a traffic stop and met with the driver, Ronald L. Smith III., and Skylar Lee Phillips. Smith said he was coming from a casino that was 3-4 hours away, and he was looking for a rest area. Patton asked the man if he had consumed alcohol and Smith said he hadn't. Smith was asked if there was anything in the vehicle and he advised there was a marijuana pipe and some marijuana. Patton searched the vehicle and found marijuana, THC wax, and a glass pipe. Phillips also had marijuana in her purse. Smith and Phillips were arrested and transported to jail for booking.

Deputy Dylan Carder served a protective order June 12 to Joseph Cunnius, who was ordered to vacate property and have minimum contact with the petitioner, unless it regarded children. He gathered his belongings and vacated the property. Carder stayed back to answer questions from the petitioner when she advised that Cunnius texted her. A traffic stop was conducted and Cunnius was removed from the vehicle and arrested. He claimed he had proof that he didn't text the petitioner, but Carder said the text on his phone showed he violated the protective order.

On June 10, Deputy Justin Richardson was dispatched to State Highway 51 and 545 Road for reports of a fight in progress. Dispatch advised that one of the suspects left in a gray Kia, but returned. Richardson arrived to find a woman entering the vehicle. He asked the driver, Michelle Springwater, what happened and she said, "We were fighting and I couldn't tell you what started it." Springwater and the passenger handed the deputy a driver's license and identification card. Richardson said there were three minors in the vehicle. Two witnesses spoke with Richardson before Springwater was arrested for domestic assault and battery in the presence of a minor.

On June 15, Deputy Joseph Burkett was patrolling the area of State Highway 82 when he observed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed. Burkett caught up to the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop. The driver, Ryan Jordan, handed the deputy his license and dispatch advised his driver's license was revoked. Jordan was arrested for driving under revocation.

Deputy Robert Stephens was dispatched to Garden Walk apartments June 12 due to reports of a domestic in progress. Kristy Richardson was already taken into custody by the time Stephens arrived. A woman accused Richardson of getting "mad" over financial reasons. She said the woman assaulted her and Stephens said she had injuries to her face and foot. Richardson claimed it was the victim who was being aggressive.

On June 13, Deputy Stephens was called to State Highway 82 for a protective order violation. A man said Curtis Warren was on his property and he showed the deputy photos of the incident. Warren was arrested for violating the protective order.


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