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Sheriff's Reports 4-16-24: Man accused of making threats while possessing machete

A man was arrested two times in less than a week due to threats he allegedly made while possessing a machete.

On April 5, Cherokee County Sheriff's Sgt. Ryan Patton was dispatched to State Highway 51 due to threats being made by a man with a machete. A man said Charles Crittenden was threating another man and locked himself in the garage with the weapon. Initially, Crittenden refused to come to the door unarmed but he eventually complied and was taken into custody. He was booked for obstruction and threatening to perform acts of violence. On April 10, Lt. Tanner Hendley was called to the same residence after Crittenden reportedly threatened the man a second time. Crittenden was back inside the garage and he was reportedly armed with two machetes. Dispatch advised that Crittenden was trespassed from the property Jan. 25. A juvenile who resides on the property said she has an active protective order against the man. Crittenden was arrested and booked for trespassing.

On April 11, Deputy Jonah Billy took a report of shots being fired at vehicle on South Muskogee Avenue. The victim said he arrived at a residence to meet his daughter when a man came outside with a rifle and fired at his vehicle. Cody Kramer was identified as the suspect and deputies detained him at the residence. Several witnesses said Kramer told them he shot at the vehicle. Kramer was arrested and transported to jail for booking.

Deputy Jimmy Tannehill was dispatched to South Ranch Lane April 11 in regard to locks being reportedly stolen off a gate. A man accused Janet Morris of stealing locks from his livestock gate. He said the woman had a key to the locks so she could have access to her property through his field. The man said Morris took the screws out of his gate chain and refused to lock the gate. Tannehill advised he couldn't do anything about Morris not locking the gate back up, but he could do something about her taking the locks. Tannehill said Morris was previously told that the locks needed to stay with the gate since the locks didn't belong to her. The deputy met with Morris and she admitted that the locks were in her house. Morris retrieved the locks was and told she was going to be arrested for petit larceny. Morris allegedly became irate with Tannehill and started to yell at him. The woman also reportedly said she was going to file police brutality against Tannehill yelled, "sexual assault and police brutality" to the detention officer.

On April 11, Deputy Tannehill responded to Ginger Drive to investigate an incident wherein threats were made. A woman accused Evan Fishinghawk of sending her threatening text messages. Tannehill said messages that were purportedly sent by Fishinghawk alleged that he was going to beat the woman's head in and put out cigarettes on her face. Another message from Fishinghawk stated he wasn't going to do anything because he didn't want to go back to prison. The man allegedly said he was off his medication and he was trying to vent. Fishinghawk was transported to jail and booked for threaten to perform acts of violence.


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