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Sheriff's Reports 3-8-24: Woman accused of stabbing deputy with ink pen

A woman was accused of stabbing a deputy in the side of the head with an ink pen as she was being taken into custody.

On March 4, Cherokee County Sheriff’s Deputy Maribel Santana was dispatched to reports of a disturbance on Seth Lane. A man said Jacquelyn Howell assaulted him and was walking down Jones Road. Santana attempted to locate the woman but was unable to. The deputy was speaking with the man when Deputy Jimmy Tannehill advised he made contact with Howell. Tannehill said Howell refused to stop and began knocking on the windows of a residence. The deputy grabbed Howell to detain her, but she reportedly struck him in the head with what he thought was her fist. Tannehill was trying to get the woman on the ground when Santana arrived and assisted him. They got Howell on the ground, and she allegedly struck Tannehill in the head with an ink pen, penetrating his skin. Santana said Howell also kicked her in the stomach two times as deputies were struggling with her on the ground. Howell was taken into custody and put in the back of Santana’s patrol unit. According to the sheriff’s report, Howell slipped her handcuffs and was reportedly trying to cut the door in the patrol unit. Howell was transported to the Cherokee County Detention Center where she supposedly tried to head-butt a detention officer. Howell was placed in a restraint chair as she was booked.

On March 4, Deputy Tanner Hendley was informed that a man allegedly texted he was going to kill himself and going for one last ride on his motorcycle. Dispatchers in Delaware County were notified after the man’s phone pinged in the area and Hendley responded to Eagle Bluff Resort after noticing the phone pinged there. Justin Twist was found lying by the water, drinking a beer. Twist appeared intoxicated and was adamant that he was not suicidal. No weapons were found on the man, and he told the deputy he didn’t have a firearm. Hendley said Twist began walking toward his motorcycle and said there was a weapon on the bike when the deputy asked. A Rugar .380 was recovered, and Twist was arrested for public intoxication while in possession of a firearm.

Deputy Austin Carver was in the area of State Highway 10 and Steely Hollow Road March 4 when he was advised that a man who was suspected of domestic assault and battery by strangulation was driving an older model Dodge Ram 1500. Carver observed the vehicle heading toward S.H. 10 and began to follow it. Carver said the vehicle crossed the center line three times before he conducted a traffic stop. The driver, James Weir, said he didn’t have a driver’s license and was asked to step out of the vehicle. Deputies observed an opened container of alcohol in the cupholder. Weir was arrested and transported to jail for booking.



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