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Sheriff's Reports 3-12-24: Man allegedly uses refrigerator to block deputies from entering apartment

A man was arrested after deputies found methamphetamine inside the apartment he was in.

On March 6, Cherokee County Sheriff's Sgt. Ryan Patton was called to West 796 Road due to a man who was allegedly beating on the door to an apartment and pulling a refrigerator into the living room. Patton said the man ran inside when he arrived and pushed the refrigerator in front of the door. Patton said the door frame was busted and was being held up by the kitchen appliance. The man was identified as Dylan Linvick, who was wanted for assault and battery on a police officer and domestic assault and battery in the presence of a minor. Patton told Linvick to come outside and to put his hands up, but the man refused. Deputies made entry of the apartment after pushing the refrigerator away from the door. Linvick and a woman came out of the restroom. The deputy was handed a plastic bag of what Linvick said was methamphetamine. Linvick was transported to jail and booked for possession of a controlled dangerous substance.

Deputy Triston Hoskin was dispatched to reports of a possible intoxicated driver near South Bryant Road March 2. Dispatch advised that the suspected vehicle was a white Chevy Traverse, and it was parked in a driveway. Hoskin was in the area of Fox Street when he was informed that the driver left the residence and was headed toward his direction. He observed the vehicle with its passenger-side tires in the grass. The driver drove back onto the road before coming to a stop. There was apparent damage to the rear end of the vehicle. Hoskin met with the driver, Tina Tracey, who appeared to be under the influence. Tracey admitted to taking three of her pain pills about 30 minutes before driving. She also admitted to consuming one beer. A man told deputies that Tracey consumed multiple beers and reportedly took 16 pills. He said the woman had an insulated cup that was full of alcohol. Hoskin found the cup and said it smelled of alcohol. Tracey was booked for driving under the influence and transporting an open container.

On March 11, Deputy Joseph Burkett conducted a traffic stop on South Muskogee Avenue and met with the driver and a passenger, Amanda White. Dispatch advised that White was wanted out of Tahlequah. Burkett asked White to step out of the vehicle, but she refused. She claimed her name was Kimberly White and refused to exit the vehicle a second time when asked. Burkett said he’d break the window and pull White out of the vehicle if she didn’t step out. The driver unlocked the vehicle and White still refused to get out. Burkett grabbed the woman and took her into custody. The deputy found a clear baggie that contained a white crystal substance. White was transported to jail and booked for possession a controlled dangerous substance, possession of paraphernalia, resisting arrest, and giving a false name.


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