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Sheriff's Reports 3-1-24: Three arrested for drug trafficking

Three women were arrested for trafficking methamphetamine during a traffic stop and search warrant of a residence.

On Feb. 28, Cherokee County Sheriff’s Deputy Carl Smith was parked on State Highway 82 and Jones Road when he observed a vehicle with no operating taillights. Deputy Smith conducted a traffic stop and met with the driver, Christie Vaughn. The deputy told Vaughn he pulled her over because her taillights weren’t on. She then said her headlights were on and Deputy Smith asked the woman for her driver’s license. Deputy Nick Chute arrived and advised Deputy Smith that Vaughn had prior drug charges. Deputy Smith asked Officer Austin Carver to come to his location. Deputy Smith asked Vaughn for her rental agreement since the vehicle was a rental. Vaughn advised she didn’t have the agreement with her. Tia Smith, a passenger, was asked for her identification and Deputy Smith checked her for warrants. Carver and his K-9 partner, Crush, arrived and Vaughn said she didn’t want anyone to go through the vehicle. Crush alerted on the vehicle and Vaughn was asked to step out. Vaughn supposedly said she wasn't going to get out of the vehicle because the K-9 only alerted due to her dog, who was with her, was in heat. Vaughn refused to get out until Deputy Smith advised he would knock the window out with a baton. Chute located a bowl with a crystal-like substance in the backseat, five vacuum-sealed bags that contained what tested positive for methamphetamine. Over $1,000 was found along with marijuana. Vaughn and Tia Smith were booked for possession of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute, aggravated trafficking of methamphetamine, and possession of drug proceeds. Tia Smith was also booked for possession of marijuana. On Feb. 28, Sgt. James Carver and Sgt. Ryan Robison, along with agents for the District 27 Drug and Violent Task Force executed a Cherokee Nation search warrant to a residence on U.S. Highway 62. Investigators and agents met with Crystal Fatherree and another woman at the residence. Three baggies that contained a white substance, empty bags, scales, and a container with a white substance were found in a purse in one of the bedrooms. Syringes were found in a purse along with a card that belonged to Fatherree. According to Carver, the mail found inside the residence had Vaugh’s name on it. Fatherree said she lives in the residence with Vaughn. The white substance, which ended up weighing 26 grams, tested positive for meth. Fatherree was arrested and booked for trafficking in methamphetamine.

On Feb. 22, Deputy Jesse Mitchell was advised that John Coy Lee Thompson admitted on video to killing a woman’s livestock, threatening said woman and her husband. Dispatch said the woman claimed the video captured Thompson with a firearm and shots could be heard coming from the weapon. Mitchell viewed the footage and could hear a woman saying, “Stop shooting my goats, you ass.” A man can be heard saying, “I’ll kill everyone of them, watch.” Mitchell said no firearm could be seen in the footage and no audio of shots fired could be heard. Later that day, Deputy Jonah Billy was speaking with the woman and was informed that another altercation between her and Thompson had just occurred. The woman and her husband went to the sheriff’s office and showed video footage of the recent altercation, which showed Thompson discharge a rifle in the road. A total of six videos were provided. Mitchell and Deputy Dylan Carder went to Thompson’s residence and attempted to make contact with him, but they found him at a family member’s house. According to Thompson, he admitted to firing a shot in the air during a verbal altercation. He said his neighbors had taunted and harassed him. Thompson was arrested for reckless discharge of a firearm and transported to jail.

Deputy Chute was dispatched to West Jones Road Feb. 27 due to a physical domestic disturbance involving an intoxicated man and woman. The man had redness around his neck and marks on his back he said came from Candace Bolin during an altercation. The Department of Human Services were contacted due to a child being in the residence at the time of the assault. Bolin was arrested and booked on tribal charges of domestic assault and battery by strangulation and domestic assault and battery in the presence of a minor.

On Feb. 27, Deputy Austin Carver was called to Indian Road for a vehicle fire. Dylan Yanez said he was driving the vehicle when the engine stopped working. He claimed he was speaking with someone who was passing by, and the vehicle was on fire when he turned around. Dispatch advised that Yanez’s driver’s license was revoked, and the vehicle was just reported stolen. Yanez, who admitted to consuming alcohol, was arrested for public intoxication and possession of a stolen vehicle.


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