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Sheriff: over 100 stolen checks, credit cards, mail recovered at residence

The sheriff provided the names of individuals and businesses whose stolen checks and mail were recovered during a search warrant.

On July 27, Cherokee County Sheriff’s Deputy Rick Ward was dispatched to a residence on Indian Road for a burglary report. A Honda Pioneer utility vehicle and close to $21,000 worth of tools and equipment were stolen.

Sgt. James Morgan recovered the Honda Pioneer and other stolen items Aug. 14 at a residence near Tenkiller Harbor. The investigator served a search warrant and recovered over 100 checks, credit cards, and mail that appeared to have been stolen.

Sheriff Jason Chennault said several checks were in the process of being “washed,” a process in which stolen checks are washed with specific chemicals to remove the payee information and the amount.

Chennault listed the names of around 85 businesses and individuals whose checks, credit cards, and mail were recovered by Sgt. Morgan.

The sheriff is asking those 85 individuals to call Morgan at 918-456-2583 to claim their stolen property.

The list of those named can be found here,


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