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Police Reports 9-5-23: woman accused of calling man the N-word

Officers were called after a local woman kept harassing a man and reportedly called him a derogatory word.

On Aug. 21, Tahlequah Police Sgt. Robbie Bacon was called to South Muskogee Avenue for a reported harassment incident. The caller said he was trying to change his tire when an intoxicated woman kept harassing him. The man said Jessica Velasquez wouldn’t leave him alone and accused her of calling him the N-word. Bacon made contact with Velasquez, who had an outstanding warrant. She was transported to jail and booked for public intoxication and the warrant.

Officer Robert Jones responded to Oak Hill Motel Aug. 21 in regard to a domestic in progress. The officer could hear a woman screaming from inside a room. He knocked on the door and the screaming stopped. Jerome Brown was told to step out of the room and the woman said she was “going through stuff.” Jones could see a glass pipe on the nightstand and a baggie of 49.8 grams of marijuana under a chair. Brown nor the woman claimed ownership of the drugs and paraphernalia. Because the motel room was in Brown’s name, he was arrested and booked for possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia.

On Aug. 20, Officer Austin Hughart was dispatched to Bluff Avenue due to reports of a disturbance. Robin Bolin was standing with Officer Zach Adams and Hughart said the woman wasn’t being cooperative. Bolin began to walk away from officers when she allegedly said, “I’ll just go kill them.” Hughart went to detain the woman but she pulled away. Bolin was arrested and refused to sit in the back of a police unit. She had to be physically placed in the vehicle and transported to the Cherokee County Detention Center, where detention officers also had to physically remove her from the vehicle. Bolin was booked on tribal charges for threatening to perform a violent act and resisting arrest.

Lt. Justin Leatherwood responded to Stepp Mobile Home Park Aug. 21 for a reported burglary. A man said he evicted tenants from a certain trailer earlier in the day and was told someone broke into the same trailer. Leatherwood entered the trailer while announcing himself and cleared each room. He noticed a couch that was partially pulled away from the wall and checked behind it. He didn’t see anyone initially; however he pulled the couch further away from the wall when he saw a piece of clothing out at the back of the couch. Leatherwood drew his weapon and raised the flap on the back of the furniture. He could see Monica Diaz and ordered her to show her hands. Diaz admitted to not answering the officer because she was banned from the property. Diaz was booked for trespassing and burglary.

On Aug. 21, Lt. Leatherwood was called to Second Street in regard to an intoxicated woman. The officer was informed that Anita James assaulted a man. The victim had several cuts on his head and he was transported to W.W. Hastings hospital with EMS personnel. James was transported to jail and booked for assault and battery and public intoxication.


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