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Police Reports 9-13-23: intoxicated man seen punching parked vehicle

An intoxicated man drew attention to himself after he was heard screaming outside.

On Sept. 2, Tahlequah Police Officer Bruce Gower responded to East Fuller Street for reports of a man standing in the middle of the road while screaming. Gower arrived to find a shirtless Cody Dunlap lying in the roadway and he appeared to be sleeping. Dunlap had a strong odor of alcohol on his person and had difficulty maintaining his balance. The man was unable to answer simple questions such as his name, where he lives, and where he was. The man who called authorities said Dunlap punched the neighbor’s vehicle with his fists. Gower could see multiple dents to the fender of the vehicle. Dunlap was transported to jail where he was booked for public intoxication and malicious injury to property.

Officer Thomas Donnell was dispatched to Walmart Sept. 1 due to a man who was causing a disturbance in the store. An employee waved Donnell over to Tomas McCartney, who was walking out of the store. McCartney reportedly cussed at other customers and used obscenities with employees. The man refused to give officers his name or identification and allegedly claimed it was his First Amendment right to not cooperate during the investigation. McCartney was transported to jail and booked for disturbing the peace and obstruction.

On Sept. 1, Officer Gower was called to White Avenue and Balentine Road in regard to a burglary that was reportedly in progress. Dispatch advised that a man who was dressed in all black clothing was attempting to break into a house before he fled on foot. Gower made contact with Jacob Reynolds in the area. Reynolds claimed he was picking up a friend, but the officer detained him and transported him to the residence. The homeowner said she heard loud banging coming from her door before someone jiggled the handle. She said she looked out of the window to see Reynolds and repeatedly told him to leave but he refused. Reynolds said he was there to ask for a ride to Muskogee. Reynolds was booked for trespassing.

Lt. Bryan Qualls was dispatched to Love’s Country Store Sept. 6 because of an alleged theft that occurred. Employees said Allen Ogilvie attempted to purchase cigarettes and rolling papers before he became irate when asked for his identification. The employee refused the man service and Ogilvie grabbed the items and walked out of the store. Qualls attempted to make contact with Ogilvie at his residence but there was no answer. A man pulled up and said Ogilvie asked him to get a debit card to pay for the stolen items at the store. Qualls asked the man to call Ogilvie and he refused to exit the residence. He eventually stepped outside but entered the house when Qualls began walking toward him. The officer advised Ogilvie that he was under arrest for stealing items from the store and he needed to come outside. Qualls had to pull the man outside from the residence and arrested him. Ogilvie was booked for petit larceny.

On Aug. 31, Officer Gower arrived at Oak Hill Inn & Suites for an assault that was reported. A man said Stephanie Sawney pushed another woman after she was confronted for allegedly spanking a boy. Sawney said she was disciplining her child when the woman began to criticize her as a mother. The woman had injuries she said she sustained during the altercation and she wanted to press charges. Sawney was transported to jail and booked for assault and battery.


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