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Police Reports 8-1-23: man and woman arrested for obstruction

A woman claimed a gun she had on her during a dispute was a pellet gun and not a real one.

On July 17, Tahlequah Police Officer Ohavyah Soto was dispatched to West Allen Road due to reports of a woman with a gun, who was making threats to another woman. The woman said River-Pearl Roberts had a gun on her hip and supposedly made the threat to “blow her head off.” According to the police report, River-Pearl was mad at the woman because she believed she informed bounty hunters of River-Pearl’s whereabouts. The landlord of the apartment complex said River-Pearl had a gun on her hip. Soto made contact with River-pearl and asked her to step outside to talk, but River-Pearl refused to do so. Lt. Justin Leatherwood spoke with Bill Roberts, who arrived when officers were trying to speak to River-Pearl. Bill refused to cooperate with officers and was arrested for obstruction. Bill called River-Pearl and told her to come outside, but she reportedly said she didn’t know what was going on and she hadn’t taken medication nor eaten. Soto told the woman she needed to exit the apartment with her hands up. River-Pearl complied and was taken into custody. The woman claimed the gun she had was a pellet gun and not a real gun. A witness to the incident said the woman had a Glock 17. River-Pearl was booked for threatening to perform an act of violence, obstruction, and resisting arrest. Bill, a tribal member, was booked for obstruction.

Officer Austin Hughart was patrolling the area of East Downing Street July 25 when he observed a man sitting near Casey’s General Store. The officer approached Anthony Drywater, who appeared to be hiding something. Hughart patted the man down for weapons and could feel a “large bulge” in his pocket. Drywater refused to take the item out of his pocket. Drywater said he lived in the woods behind the store and began pulling out coins and trinkets from his pocket. The man then pulled out a syringe from his pocket. Hughart searched a backpack Drywater had and located two more needles, one of which contained a clear substance. A small amount of a clear substance from the other needle tested positive for methamphetamine. Drywater was booked on tribal charges for possession of a controlled dangerous substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and trespassing.

On July 25, Officer Hughart was dispatched to back up officers for a report of a domestic at Rodeway Inn. Dispatch advised that the suspect left in a silver car. Lt. Elden Graves spotted the silver car on Balentine Road and made contact with Joshua Mouse, who was in the backseat. The driver, Roberta Ballard was arrested for a warrant. Officers searched a bag that was found in the vehicle and located two syringes, a baggie that contained a white crystal-like substance, and a small amount of marijuana. A substance in one of the needles tested positive for meth. Mouse claimed the bag belonged to him. He was booked on tribal charges for possession of a controlled dangerous substance and a warrant.

Officer Bryan Swim was assigned to investigate a hit-and-run vehicle crash July 21 on Park Hill Road and U.S. Highway 62. Swim looked at video footage that purportedly showed the driver of a Honda van striking a Ford Explorer before leaving the scene. Officers located Pablo Elizondo Jr., who admitted to driving the van and claimed it was the other driver who backed into his vehicle. Elizondo was arrested for leaving the scene of a property damaged accident, inattentive driving, and no driver’s license.

On July 22, Officer Soto was called to Walmart after a man allegedly concealed $66 worth of merchandise in his pants. Employees said Kenneth Gulley, who was banned from the property, tried to leave the store without paying for the items. Gulley was transported to jail and booked for petit larceny and trespassing.

Adrian Cross was arrested July 23 for trespassing at Walmart. Employees said the man shoplifted the day before and was already banned from the property.


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