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Police Reports 6-9-23: several locals jailed for traffic offenses, public drunkenness

Officers were called because of a man who was found lying in the road while intoxicated.

On June 5, Tahlequah Police Officer Zach Adams responded to North Side Court for an intoxicated man who was lying in the road. Adams assisted Darrell McKee to his feet and noticed the man was unsteady on his feet. McKee allegedly didn’t know where he was or remember which city he was in. As the two were speaking, dispatch reported a non-injury vehicle crash a few blocks away from North Side Court. Adams placed McKee in his patrol vehicle with the intention of giving him a ride home, however, dispatch advised one of the vehicles was registered to McKee. McKee initially denied driving the vehicle but he eventually admitted that he was. The driver of the other vehicle told Adams that McKee wasn’t driving as he saw someone who was “taller and thinner” than McKee. McKee gave Adams the name of the man who was with him at the time of the crash. McKee was transported to jail and booked on tribal charges of public intoxication.

Lt. Matt Frits conducted a traffic stop June 6 on a Hyundai car with a tag returning to a Dodge vehicle. The driver, Shaun McClendon, and a passenger gave the officer their information and the title to the vehicle. Dispatch informed Frits that McClendon’s license was suspended and he had a possible warrant. McClendon was arrested and booked under tribal charges of improper tag display and driving under suspension. The passenger was released.

On June 1, Sgt. Lane Cobb was dispatched to Park Hill Road due to two intoxicated men. Dispatch advised that the two men drove to Vapor Maven and they were inside the business. Cobb entered the store where he observed the two men. Robby McNeely and Kurtis Quick reportedly appeared intoxicated and were asked to speak with officers outside the store. Cobb said both men became defensive and denied being intoxicated. McNeely and Quick were transported to jail and booked for public intoxication. McNeely was booked on tribal charges.

Officer Dylan Harman was patrolling the area of South Muskogee Avenue June 2 when he observed a vehicle turning off Balentine Road and failing to maintain the inside lane. Harman conducted a traffic stop and met with the driver, Billy Phillips, and a passenger. Phillips claimed he didn’t have his driver’s license with him but he gave the officer his information. Dispatch advised Harman that Phillips’ license was suspended and he was charged with driving under suspension in 2022. Phillips was arrested and booked for driving under suspension and unsafe lane use. The passenger, a licensed driver, was able to drive Phillips’ vehicle from the traffic stop.

On June 7, Police Lt. Bryan Qualls was called to reports of an intoxicated man who was reportedly staggering in the area of First Street and Muskogee Avenue. The person who reported the man said he was walking around with his eyes closed and not wearing shoes. Qualls spotted the man on the trails and noticed he was holding onto a woman he was with to keep from falling. Leo Murphy admitted to consuming alcohol before he was arrested for public drunkenness. He was booked on tribal charges.


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