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Police Reports 6-26-24: Two juveniles accused of stealing liquor

Two juveniles were accused of breaking into a local liquor store and stealing three bottles of liquor.

On June 20, Tahlequah Police Officer Dylan Harman was informed of an alleged burlgary at Blackhawk Liquor. Dispatch advised that the suspected vehicle was a black truck that fled and officers located that vehicle on U.S. Highway 62 and East Ross Street. In the meantime, Harman responded to the store to find a damaged glass door and a rock inside the property. Harman said several wires to an electrical meter were damaged as if the suspect tried to damage the alarm system. Officers recovered three bottles of unopened liquor in the vehicle and they detained Hunter Fogle, Joseph Gillinger, and two juveniles. One of the juveniles was released to his parent with a promise to appear summons to Cherokee Nation Juvenile Affairs Court and was charged with second-degree burglary, malicious injury to property, concealing stolen property, and petit larceny. The other juvenile was released to their parent and he was charged with second-degree burglary, malicious injury to property, concealing stolen property, and petit larceny. Gillinger was transported to jail and booked for public intoxication while Fogle was booked for obstructing an officer, accessory to burglary, and concealing stolen property.

Sgt. Lane Cobb was dispatched Water Avenue and East Choctaw Street June 21 due to a report of a fight in progress. Dispatch advised that a man was using a skateboard as a weapon. Cherokee County Sheriff's deputies were on scene and detained two men, one of them being Trystan Turpin. The two men said they were crossing the street, heading toward the Skate Park, when an elderly man in a white truck proceeded through the intersection but didn't strike them. Turpin said they yelled at the man and he allegedly began chasing them in his vehicle. He said they used their skateboards to strike the vehicle in self-defense. Officers spoke with the elderly man, who said he didn't see the two men on the skateboards. He said he pulled into a parking lot to speak with the two men who were yelling at him. He accused Turpin of going to the passenger side of his vehicle and hit it with his skateboard. The man said he was trying to leave the parking lot when Turpin hit his vehicle a second time. Witnesses spoke with officers and their account of the incident corroborated with what the elderly man said happened. Turpin was arrested and booked for malicious injury to property.

On June 23, Officer Brad Baker responded to Walmart for an alleged shoplifting incident. Employees said they witnessed Cassandra Hall concealed $24 worth of merchandise in a purse and proceeded to walk out of the store without a paying. Hall was arrested and booked for petit larceny.


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