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Police Reports 5-19-23: wanted man bolts from officers

A wanted man was struck by a Taser as he ran from officers who were investigating a noise complaint.

On May 10, Tahlequah Police Sgt. Lane Cobb and additional officers were dispatched to South May Avenue where Kenneth Smallen and three other individuals were found at a residence. Officers were waiting on dispatch to confirm if any of the individuals were wanted and once they advised Smallen had a warrant, Smallen took of running and was headed toward a drainage ditch. Cobb ran after the man and said he’d be tazed if he didn’t stop. The officer deployed his Taser and struck Smallen, however the probes fell and the man took of running through several backyards. Officer David Trammell cut Smallen off and officers took him to the ground. Smallen, a tribal member, was booked for resisting arrest, obstructing an officer, and the warrant.

Sgt. Cobb responded to Atwood’s May 10 for a man who was allegedly yelling and cussing at people. Larry Pritchett matched the description given by dispatch and appeared intoxicated. Pritchett claimed he consumed a beer that had a tomato in it. Pritchett was arrested for public intoxication after a field sobriety test and was booked on tribal charges.

Lt. Elden Graves was dispatched to Nola Avenue May 8 due to an intoxicated woman who was causing a disturbance. A woman said Ladawna Pinto was intoxicated and assaulted her before she fled from the property. Officers searched the area but they were unable to locate Pinto. The woman told officers Pinto was inside an apartment nearby. An unidentified woman came to the door of the apartment and said she didn’t live there, but the owner was on his way. The tenant arrived and said he was related to Pinto, and that he “wanted no trouble with law enforcement.” Graves advised that officers wouldn’t enter the apartment without the man’s consent and they were unsure if Pinto was inside. Graves said they would leave if officers were not needed and the man agreed. Officers were leaving when the man came outside and said Pinto was passed out on a bed. The man eventually asked for officers to remove the woman from his apartment. Pinto was arrested and booked on tribal charges for public intoxication and a warrant.

Officer Jess McClure was called to Casey’s General Store on East Downing Street May 9 for an intoxicated man employees wanted trespassed from the property. McClure found Menka Brown, who McClure recognized from two other encounters from earlier that morning. Brown admitted to consuming alcohol and “THC.” Brown was transported to jail and booked for public intoxication and illegal possession of marijuana.

On May 9, Lt. Justin Leatherwood was called to First Street and College Avenue for a man who was lying shirtless on the sidewalk. Boseaphus Wing appeared intoxicated and was arrested on tribal charges.

On May 8, Officer Robert Jones was patrolling the area of Ward Street and East Downing Street when he observed a shirtless Ethan Davis lying on the ground. Davis reportedly tried to leave as Jones was approaching him. Davis was arrested and booked on tribal charges for public drunkenness.


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