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Police Reports 5-15-24: Man arrested after allegedly urinating off roof

On May 5, Tahlequah Police Officer Ohavyah Soto was dispatched to Goingsnake Street due to people who were reportedly urinating off the roof of a house. An individual nearby showed the officer photos of one of the people involved. Reece Thibodeau was arrested for public intoxication, indecent exposure, and possession of marijuana.

On May 1, Officer Aaron Dorrough conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for a defective headlight. Eric Johnston was taken into custody and booked on tribal charges for possession of a controlled dangerous substance, false impersonation to create liability, and possession of paraphernalia.

Officer Soto responded to Georgetown Apartments May 7 for reports of two men allegedly swinging a knife and an axe at a man who was holding a pipe. Jeremy Barnett was arrested for making threats and disturbing the peace.

Dalton Poafpybitty was arrested May 2 after officers were dispatched to Best Western for an intoxicated person.

On May 2, Moze Factor was arrested for domestic assault and battery with a dangerous weapon after an incident at Pleasant View Apartments.

Officer Caleb Murray was called to Garden Road May 3 for a reported burglary of a vehicle. The victim gave officers a description of the vehicle and a traffic stop was conducted shortly after. Philip Spriggs was arrested for third-degree burglary.

Victor Adair was arrested for possession of a controlled dangerous substance and possession of drug paraphernalia after a traffic stop for a defective tail light on May 3.

On May 3, Wade Kingfisher was arrested for leaving the scene of a vehicle crash. Kingfisher was located in a wooded area near Rogers Drive.

Officer Murray was dispatched to reports of a loud party in the area of North Grand Avenue and East Crafton Street May 4. A minor was found intoxicated and Alberto Aboytes was arrested for social hosting.

Officer Richard Berry responded to reports of a fight at Sequoyah Park May 4. A man claimed Jerry Sappington was screaming and cussing at the park while children were present. The man said he told Sappington to quit when Sappington allegedly punched him in the mouth.

On May 4, Andy Garrett was arrested for possession of paraphernalia and a warrant after he called authorities due to a fight at Sequoyah Park.

Lt. Bryan Qualls was called to Northeastern Health System May 1 due to an assault report. A woman claimed her sister and her sister's two friends assaulted her. The victim said she didn't want to press charges.

On May 1, Officer Brett Robbins was dispatched to Trimble Avenue due to a suspected kidnapping. A man showed the officer a text message he received from a women who purportedly stated she had been walking close to Northeastern State University when a man grabbed her by her bag and forced her into a truck. The man gave officers a name of a potential suspect. The potential suspect and woman were located in separate locations and the woman allegedly refused to cooperate.


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