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Police Reports 4-25-23: convicted felon found with firearms

On April 15, Tahlequah Police Sgt. Lane Cobb was patrolling the area of State Highway 82 and North Cedar Avenue when he observed a vehicle swerving on the road. Cobb said the vehicle almost struck the center median and was straddling the centerline before he initiated a traffic stop. Cobb approached the vehicle and could see an opened pack of beer and opened cans of beer in the vehicle. The driver, Christopher Robb, rolled down the window and Cobb said there was an odor of alcohol and marijuana coming from the vehicle. Robb reportedly had trouble getting his driver’s license out of his wallet. The man admitted to smoking marijuana and consuming alcohol. Robb was told to step out of the vehicle. He was near the rear of the vehicle when he pulled something out from his pocket and dropped it in the bed of the truck. He told Cobb it was marijuana. Robb was arrested after a field sobriety test. Cobb found the container Robb dropped in the bed of the truck and could see a crystal-like substance inside. A duffle bag in the back of truck had a .25 caliber handgun and a 12-gauge shotgun inside. Cobb said the barrel of the shotgun was significantly cut down, and the stock was cut off. Robb, a convicted felon, was booked for driving under the influence, unsafe lane use, transporting an open container, possession of a firearm while intoxicated, possession of a sawed-off shotgun, possession of a controlled dangerous substance after former conviction of a felony, possession of a firearm after former conviction of a felony, altering/removing serial number on firearms, and operating a vehicle without a proper tag.

Officer Bruce Gower responded to Circle S April 13 for a man who was reportedly asleep under a table and smoking what appeared to be “crack.” Billy Harrison had made a shelter under the table with items such as sleeping bags and blankets. Gower observed a trail of smoke coming from a pipe Harrison was holding. Harrison was arrested and officers searched a bag that purportedly belonged to him. Twelve containers of marijuana wax, a glass pipe, a metal pipe, a rubber pipe, two vape devices, a metal spoon, a loaded syringe, and marijuana were located inside the bag. Harrison claimed he had a card in his wallet that allowed him to possess the drug paraphernalia. Gower found a Cherokee Nation Hard Reduction Program card that stated the cardholder was entitled to legally possess the program materials and supplies on their person. Harrison wasn’t charged with the “sterile needles, saline, sharps container that were provided by Cherokee Nation.” Gower found a black wallet that contained several identification cards and credit cards that belonged to a different person. Harrison claimed he found the wallet and had not turned it in. Harrison was taken to jail and booked for possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, narcotics prohibited, sleeping on the streets, and smoking in a public place/indoor workplace.

On April 15, Police Officer Gower was dispatched to Willy and Billy Tobacco Shack in regard to a man who broke into a vehicle was parked. Dispatch advised Gower that Cherokee Nation Marshal Cory Keele was at the business and had made contact with the suspect. Nicholas Cole told officers he was waiting for a friend to give him a ride. Gower asked the man if he was anywhere near the parked Pontiac Grand Am and Cole said he got in the back seat to sit down. Cole appeared intoxicated and was arrested. Gower noticed the center console of the vehicle had been stripped out as wires were showing. The officer said it appeared as if someone tried to hot-wire the vehicle. Officers found a pair of pliers, a wrench, and a key where Cole was seen standing when Keele arrived. Dispatch told Gower that the caller stated there were two men near the vehicle and one of them ran behind the building and into a wooded area. Officers were not able to locate the other man. Cole told officers he entered the vehicle and “because of his ADHD,” he crawled into the front seat when he saw the damage to the interior of the vehicle. Cole claimed he took the tools from the vehicle and set those on railing as officers pulled up. A witness said she saw two men walk up to the business from a wooded area and they were looking into a dumpster. She said they walked up to the vehicle and tried to get in it. Video footage of the incident was shown to officers. Cole was transported to the Cherokee County Detention Center where he was booked for burglary, third-degree, and public intoxication.

Officer Dylan Harman was called to First Street and College Avenue April 14 due to someone who was causing a disturbance. Dispatch advised the man was armed with a knife. Harman met with Colby Deerinwater, who didn’t have a knife and denied making threats. Deerinwater appeared to be under the influence and admitted to drinking alcohol. He was transported to jail and booked for public drunkenness and a warrant.

On April 14, Officer Gower observed a Dodge Challenger operating with a damaged, non-functioning headlight on South Muskogee Avenue. Gower pulled the vehicle over and met with Trevon Overstreet, who gave the officer his driver’s license and insurance. Overstreet was arrested for driving with a license canceled/suspended/revoked.

Brad Adair was arrested April 14 for driving under revocation after he was pulled over by Officer Gower for failing to signal while turning. Adair’s license had been reportedly revoked and he was previously charged for driving under revocation in 2012.


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