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Police Reports 4-11-23: 'Hercules' caught stealing cookies

A man, who reportedly called himself Hercules, claimed he never broke the law since he ate stolen cookies before leaving Walmart.

On March 26, Tahlequah Police Sgt. Lane Cobb was investigating a report of shoplifting at Walmart when an employee observed a man who appeared to be intoxicated while eating cookies. Cobb made contact with Garrett Fisher outside the store. Fisher told Cobb they were best friends. The officer believed Fisher was under the influenced of methamphetamine and arrested him. Fisher claimed that he didn’t break the law since he ate the cookies in the store. He said since he didn’t leave the store with the merchandise, then he didn’t steal the food. Fisher said he was the son of Zeus and that his real name was Hercules. Fisher was transported to jail and booked on tribal charges of public intoxication, larceny of merchandise from a retailer, and trespassing.

On March 31, Officer Bruce Gower was called to Oak Park Motel for a woman who wanted to speak with officers about a phone being possibly hacked. Dispatch advised the woman called 911 several times but didn’t appear to have an emergency. Gower was flagged down by Sherry Desouza, who said her phone was hacked by Apple programmers. She said there was a machine at the motel that was putting things on her phone. She also believed “everyone was in danger” and that Gower needed to conduct a welfare check on every room. Desouza admitted to consuming alcohol. Dispatch advised Desouza had warrants for driving under the influence. She was arrested and placed in Gower’s patrol vehicle. Two people flagged Gower down and said Desouza forced her way into their room and was talking about phone hacking. Desouza was booked on tribal charges of public intoxication and the warrant.

Officer Austin Hughart was dispatched to Walmart March 31 in regard to two people who were allegedly shoplifting. Brandon Stealer and Kindall Bartel were being escorted to the Asset Protection office when Stealer took off running out of the store. Officers caught up to the man and he was transported to jail. Employees said the pair stole five jugs of laundry detergent, a necklace, a two-pack of gun holsters, and two pairs of shorts. They were confronted as they exited the store. Bartel was booked for trespassing and petit larceny. Stealer, a tribal member, was booked for trespassing, petit larceny, obstruction, and resisting arrest.

On March 29, Officer Mitchell Sellers was patrolling the area of East Downing Street when he observed a man dancing at Oak Park Motel. Richard Storts told the officer he was OK and admitted to smoking marijuana. Storts was arrested for public intoxication and booked on tribal charges.


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