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Police Reports 3-15-23

A 67-year-old intoxicated man kept calling an arresting officer a “lying bitch” before he was booked for assaulting her, as well as other charges.

On March 6, Tahlequah Police Officer Raquel Reed was dispatched to Morgan Street and North Muskogee Avenue to speak with the owner of a food truck. He said a man wearing a leather jacket and a cane was walking around and asked to purchase a beer for one dollar. The man, who was identified as Jerry Sappington, approached a vehicle where women were sitting and attempted to open the door. He then began yelling at patrons of the food truck. Reed and Officer J.D. Alberty didn’t see anyone who matched Sappington’s description and checked the restrooms at Norris Park. They saw the man walking on the corner of Morgan Street and Water Avenue. Reed made contact with Sappington, who had a strong odor of alcohol and said he wanted to go home. The man denied being at the food truck and said he needed to go get some alcohol when asked how much he had to drink. Sappington tried walking away from Reed while reportedly calling her a “lying bitch” and telling her to leave him alone. Sappington continued to deny being at the food truck, disturbing the women in the vehicle, and yelling at a group of people officers saw him yelling at. He told Reed to leave him alone because he needed to sober up at home when she asked him how much alcohol he consumed. Sappington, who is reportedly 67 years old, resisted arrest and allegedly tried shoving both officers away before he was taken to the ground. The man kicked Reed in the side of the head and shoulder. Due to his age, Sappington was handcuffed with his arms in front of him instead of behind is back. He was having issues getting into Reed’s patrol unit and she assisted him. Sappington allegedly swung at Reed and he grazed her cheek. He was transported to jail where he continued to call the officer a “lying bitch” and said she didn’t belong there. Sappington was booked on tribal charges of public drunkenness, obstructing an officer, resisting arrest, and assault and battery on a police officer.

Lt. Bryan Qualls was on patrol in the area of College Avenue March 7 when he observed Harold Hooper walking along the side of the road. Qualls checked the man for warrants and dispatch confirmed he was wanted. Qualls approached Hooper and could see he had a knife in his waist band and a “T-handle” object that was metal. Qualls asked the man if he had anymore weapons and Hooper said he had another knife on him and placed it on the ground. Hooper was arrested for the warrant and the officer found a glass pipe that had a burned residue in the man’s pocket. Hooper claimed the paraphernalia belonged to someone else and he was carrying it for them. Hooper was booked on tribal charges of possession of drug paraphernalia and the warrant.

On March 6, Lt. Justin Leatherwood was called to Walmart in reference to a man who was yelling at someone in a vehicle. The officer pulled up to find Michael Fuller walking in traffic on South Muskogee Avenue. Leatherwood believed Fuller was under the influence of a substance and arrested him for public intoxication. Fuller was booked into the Cherokee County Detention Center on tribal charges.

Lt. Leatherwood was called to Walmart Feb. 27 after Jonathon Swake allegedly tried to steal over $315 worth of merchandise. Employees said Swake went to the self-checkout and failed to scan the items. Dispatch advised Swake was wanted and he was transported to jail for petit larceny and warrants.


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