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Police Reports 3-13-23

Two men were arrested after officers found them with drugs in a park restroom.

On March 5, Tahlequah Police Officer Steffon Herd responded to Sequoyah Park for an elderly man who needed medical attention after passing out. Herd checked the restrooms for the man and found the door to be locked. He could hear two men talking on the other side of the door and unlocked the door. Curtis Darnell Alan Braxton and Oce Allen Davis were sitting on the floor of the restroom with two black bags, two shopping bags, and an opened lock box nearby. Herd could see a glass pipe with burnt residue, a baggie of methamphetamine, and a scale in the lock box. Sgt. Lane Cobb arrived and searched Davis’ person where he found a one-hitter, a rubber tube and glass pipe with burnt residue in his pockets. Braxton and Davis were arrested and were both booked for possession of a controlled dangerous substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. Davis was a confirmed Tribal member.

Officer Mitchell Sellers was called to Dewain’s Place March 3 due to a patron who assaulted two workers and actively fighting. Both workers had Matthew Williams on the ground when Sellers arrived. Sellers had the man stand and was going to arrest him when Williams allegedly said he was going to kill one of the workers, and lunged toward him. Seller took the man to the ground and arrested him. One of the workers said Williams struck him with his elbow three times. The other worker said Williams had been kicked out earlier for harassing other patrons but he came back and a struggled ensued. Williams was transported to jail and booked for assault and battery, public intoxication, and resisting arrest.

On March 7, Officer Thomas Donnell responded to Willis Road and South Muskogee Avenue for reports of a person passed out behind the wheel of a vehicle. Donnell found the vehicle parked halfway on the road and Jon A. Davis behind the wheel. Davis appeared confused and said he was out of gasoline. EMS personnel were called to check on Davis. Donnell noted that Davis was approximately 100 yards away from a gas station and he had a gas can in the bed of his truck. Davis was arrested after a field sobriety test. Donnell searched the vehicle and found four pipes, which Davis admitted to using to smoke meth with. Davis was booked for driving under the influence of drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia, and taxes due state.

On March 3, Officer Donnell was dispatched to Circle S Laundry in regard to an intoxicated woman who was causing a disturbance. The manager of the business pointed toward Melissa Huddleston, who was trying to get another woman to hold her baby. Huddleston admitted to consuming alcohol, and she was arrested for public intoxication.


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