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Police Reports 12-5-23: alleged shoplifter consumes stolen goods inside restroom

A man was accused of consuming stolen alcoholic beverages inside the restroom of Walmart.

On Nov. 20, Tahlequah Police Officer Austin Hughart responded to Walmart due to an alleged shoplifter who was intoxicated. The officer met with Jacob Parsley outside the Asset Protection office. Employees said the man was uncooperative when they told him he needed to come into the office for paperwork of the incident. Hughart said Parsley refused to cooperate and detained him. Employees said Parsley selected a box of wine and a can of beer. He then reportedly took those items into a restroom where he reportedly consumed the beverages. They also said he concealed a pair glasses and dog treats on his person. Hughart said the man had an odor of alcohol on his breath and appeared intoxicated. Parsley was transported to jail and booked on tribal charges for public intoxication and larceny of merchandise from a retailer.

Lt. Bryan Qualls was on routine patrol Nov. 21 when he was advised of a suspicious man on the property of a day care. The officer spotted Eddie Stewart nearby and made contact with him. Stewart said he was walking to the day center and wasn’t on the property of the day care. Qualls told the man to stay off the property and Stewart continued his walk toward the day center. Dispatch had checked to see if Stewart had warrants and advised he did. Qualls went to the day center and met with the man a second time. Stewart was arrested for the warrant. Qualls found a Ziploc bag that contained a waded-up napkin in the pocket of a jacket Stewart was wearing. He told the officer his allergy medication was in the napkin and then claimed his jacket was recently stolen, and the bag was in the pocket when he found it. Qualls believed the substance found in the napkin was methamphetamine. Stewart was transported to jail and booked for the warrant and possession of a controlled dangerous substance.

On Nov. 18, Officer Richard Berry was dispatched to reports of a reckless driver in a black Honda on South Muskogee Avenue. Dispatch advised that the suspected driver pulled into the parking lot of Walmart and was making “hand gestures” toward other drivers. The driver, David Walker II., left the parking lot and headed northbound on Muskogee Avenue. Berry observed the vehicle run a red light, almost striking two other vehicles. Berry conducted a traffic stop and made contact with Walker in the parking lot of Arby’s. Walker immediately started apologizing to Berry for the reckless driving and was asked to exit the vehicle. Berry said the man appeared to be under the influence of either alcohol or drugs based on his demeanor. A pill bottle could be seen in Walker’s pocket and the man said it was his prescription, but he hadn’t taken any since the night before. Walker was arrested after a field sobriety test and booked for driving under the influence.

Officer Caleb Murray was called to the Mustard Seed Nov. 21 in regard to shots being fired. The officer met with the victim who said a man in a cowboy hat came up to him and fired a gun into the air. Murray then met with the suspect, Kevin Copeland, in front of the Mustard Seed. Copeland initially denied firing a weapon until officers noticed a firearm in the pocket of his jacket. He claimed that a worker of the store said she was scared to go outside with the man out front, so Copeland said he decided to “handle it himself” by firing a round into the air. Copeland was arrested for discharging a firearm in a public place and booked into jail.

On Nov. 22, Lt. Qualls responded to Dollar General on Reasor Street for a theft report. Dispatch advised that a man stole a package of gloves and he was in a white van in the parking lot. Qualls arrived to find a woman standing next to the van. She told the officer that Jory Poafpybitty was inside the van. Poafpybitty was wearing gloves and claimed those belonged to the woman. Store employees said the man selected a bottle of soda and a package of disposable gloves. Poafpybitty tried paying for the soda but his card declined and he attempted to leave the store. He allegedly told employees he had already purchased the gloves before walking outside. Poafpybitty was transported to jail where detention officers found a broken part of a glass pipe on his person. Poafpybitty was booked on tribal charges for larceny of merchandise from a retailer.


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