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Police Reports 11-1-23: man accused of trying to urinate on jail floor

A struggle ensued between officers and a man who reportedly tried urinating on the floor of the jail as he was being booked.

On Oct. 16, Tahlequah Police Officer Robert Jones was dispatched to a residence on Cherokee Avenue due to an intoxicated man who let the homeowner’s cat loose. The caller said Harvey Clayton Jr. left before officers arrived. Lt. Elden Graves located Clayton and arrested him for a warrant. Clayton reportedly became noncompliant as he was being booked at jail. Jones wrote in his police report that Clayton refused to sit down and tried visiting with other inmates. Clayton became irate when he was told he’d have to answer medical screening questions before he could use the restroom. The man tried to pull out his penis “to urinate on the booking area floor,” according to Jones. He refused to comply and attempted to pull out his penis a second time. Clayton was escorted to a cell where he could urinate, but he refused to change into jail clothing. Clayton was booked on tribal charges for resisting an officer.

Officers Zach Adams and Austin Hughart were conducting surveillance at a residence Oct. 17 when they observed a vehicle leaving the house. Officers conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle for improper muffler and met with Rhianna Ridge. Cherokee County Sheriff’s Deputy Doug Baker was contacted and asked to have his K-9 do an air-sniff around the vehicle. The K-9 alerted to the presence of narcotics and officers searched the vehicle. A white crystal-like substance was found near where Ridge was sitting. Ridge claimed the substance didn’t belong to her and she was temporarily using the vehicle while her car was in the shop. She did admit that tools and cleaning supplies found inside the vehicle belonged to her. Ridge was arrested and booked for possession of a controlled dangerous substance.

On Oct. 17, Officer Ohavyah Soto responded to Walmart after a shoplifting incident occurred. Employees said Tracy Orr refused to stop when she was approached by their Asset Protection investigators and fled in a Toyota Camry. Soto pulled the driver over near the entrance of Lowe’s and met with Orr. She was taken back to Walmart before she was arrested for petit larceny and driving without a valid driver’s license.

Sgt. Lane Cobb was called to Family Dollar Oct. 18 for a shoplifting incident wherein the suspect left on a bicycle. Cobb located Oce Davis on the bicycle and made contact with him. Davis said he had came from Family Dollar and admitted to stealing headphones. Davis was detained and advised that the stolen merchandise was in one of his pockets while he had a knife in the other. Davis claimed that the pants he was wearing weren’t his and there was a smoking pipe in one of the pockets as well. Cobb also found a container that had what appeared to be 6.4 grams of methamphetamine on Davis. Davis was booked on tribal charges for public intoxication, petit larceny, possession of a controlled dangerous substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

On Oct. 19, Officer Bryan Swim was in the area of East Downing Street when he observed Antonia Smallen walking on the sidewalk with two women. Swim was informed that Smallen had an outstanding warrant. The officer told her she was under arrest and Smallen grabbed ahold of one of the women and resisted Swim. Smallen allegedly struck Swim in the face during the struggle and she was taken to the ground. She was arrested and booked on tribal charges for assault and battery on a police officer and resisting arrest. Swim said that was the third time in a “couple” of months wherein Smallen had ran and fought with officers.

Officer Bruce Gower arrived at Domino’s Pizza Oct. 20 for a report of a suspicious man who was recording employees and being argumentative. Joshua Hennen was standing in the parking lot and recording the officer. The man said he hadn’t done anything wrong as it was his First Amendment right to record in public. Hennen said he was recording people to “keep them honest.” He said he’d only leave if he was trespassed from the business, but he’d continue to record employees from across the parking lot. Employees of Domino’s and a business next door advised they wanted the man trespassed from the properties. Gower told Hennen he was banned and asked the man for his identification. Hennen allegedly refused to give the officer his name and date of birth. He was arrested for obstruction and argued that he was owed a warning to leave the property before he could be arrested. Hennen was booked for the offense.

On Oct. 21, Officer J.D. Alberty was dispatched to Wheeler Circle in reference to a domestic incident. A woman said Thomas Skinner threw her on the ground before trying to choke her in front of three children. The woman managed to stab Skinner with a screwdriver during the assault and kicked him off her. Skinner was arrested and booked for domestic assault and battery by strangulation in the presence of a minor.


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