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Police Reports 10-25-23: man arrested after assault at hotel

A man fled on foot after he allegedly assaulted a woman for text messages he discovered on her phone.

On Oct. 13, Tahlequah Police Lt. Matt Frits was dispatched to Rodeway Inn due to a reported domestic incident. Dispatch advised that a woman in the lobby said Lael Zeigler assaulted her. Frits met with the victim, who said she was having trouble breathing because Zeigler choked her. The officer said the woman had injuries consistent with domestic strangulation. Frits went to the room where the struggle allegedly took place and found it to be in disarray. Zeigler wasn’t located in the room and additional officers were advised that the man may have fled on foot. A hat, Zeigler was reportedly wearing, was found near a tree line west of the property. Officers searched the area on foot and a drone was deployed, but the man wasn’t located. Zeigler was located in front of Car-Mart roughly two hours later. He denied assaulting the woman, but claimed it was her who assaulted him. Zeigler was arrested and booked for domestic assault and battery by strangulation, obstruction, and a warrant.

Lt. Frits was assisting Officer Caleb Murray on Park Avenue Oct. 12 when he heard a woman causing a disturbance at Sequoyah Park. Audrey Sollars was screaming while sitting at a picnic table at the park. Frits warned the woman to keep her voice down, but Sollars continued to yell. A man at the table told officers that Sollars had been drinking alcohol all evening. Sollars, who refused to answer any questions, was arrested and began to resist officers as she was escorted to a patrol unit. She was transported to jail and booked for obstruction and public intoxication.

On Oct. 8, Sgt. Robbie Bacon was called to Parker Street for reports of a physical domestic that was in progress. The victim said Corey Hooper assaulted her before she pulled a gun on him. She said the man tried taking the firearm away from her. Neighbors came outside and said the police were called and on their way. Hooper reportedly backed up and began to walk away, but he came back and was able to get the gun and fled. Bacon was informed that Hooper was at Save-A-Lot on East Downing Street. Officers located the man nearby and took him into custody. Hooper claimed to have thrown the firearm in a ditch by Cherokee Avenue, however; officers were unable to find it. Hooper was transported to jail and booked on tribal charges of domestic assault and battery, possession of a firearm after former conviction of a felony, robbery by force or fear, obstruction, and public intoxication.

Lt. Frits was dispatched to the area of Walmart Oct. 12 for a man who supposedly stole video game controllers. Employees gave officers a description of the suspect and sent a photo of him to Frits. Frits parked near Game X Change and noticed the suspect exiting the store. Jerome Brown was detained and admitted to stealing from Walmart. Brown said he exchanged the stolen merchandise for money. Brown was booked on charges of petit larceny and obtaining merchandise by false pretense.

On Oct. 12, Officer Steffon Herd was locking and securing the restrooms at Norris Park when he observed a woman laid out with a blanket and multiple bags near the pavilion. Teresa Davis allegedly walked away as the officer was locking up the restrooms and began to yell that she could lie anywhere she wanted. Herd told the woman to walk to him but she continued to walk away. The officer advised Davis to stop, or she would be Tased. Davis complied and was arrested for camping in the park and obstruction.

Officer Ohavyah Soto responded to a business on South Muskogee Avenue Oct. 9 for a woman who was passed out and not waking up. Kayla Adair was lying on the ground while intoxicated. She was arrested and booked for public drunkenness.

On Oct. 13, Lt. Bryan Qualls was patrolling the area of West Fourth Street when he observed Skylar Batt driving a vehicle. The officer ran the man’s information and discovered he had a warrant. Qualls located the vehicle at Fuel Mart and made contact with Batt. The man was arrested and patted down when Qualls found a glass smoking pipe in the pocket of his jeans. Batt told the officer that the jeans didn’t belong to him. He was transported to jail and booked for the warrant and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Lt. Frits was called to Walmart Oct. 12 due to a man who was reportedly intoxicated. Employees said an underaged Quinten Holmes was walking around the store while drinking what appeared to be beer. Holmes admitted to consuming alcohol and was arrested for public intoxication.


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