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Police Reports 10-13-23: suspect injures himself during alleged break-in

A burglar suspect left blood behind after allegedly breaking into an abandoned house

On Sept. 30, Tahlequah Police Officer Austin Hughart was dispatched to Griffin Avenue due to reports of a disturbance. Nicholas Ballard was seen standing in the street and was reportedly screaming, “Where is he?” The man was bleeding from his hand and appeared to be intoxicated. Hughart was aware that Ballard stayed across the street and the man was told to go back home. The residence that officers were called to is abandoned but Hughart noticed the front door open and two broken windows. The officer could see fresh blood on the porch and inside the residence. Ballard was detained for suspicion of second-degree burglary and EMS personnel were called to check out his injured hand. EMS advised that Ballard would need to be transported to the hospital. Hughart transported the man instead of EMS since Ballard allegedly became combative. Officer Zach Adams made contact with the owner of the residence, who wanted to press charges. Ballard was transported to jail and booked for second-degree burglary.

On Oct. 7, Officer Adams responded to Choctaw Street for a report of domestic abuse. Dispatch advised that the suspect, Dylan Rose, left the area on foot before the officer arrived. Adams located Rose near the intersection of Cherokee Street and Ross Avenue. The man had cuts to his knuckles and claimed he got those injuries while working on pole barns. Additionally, Rose said he and his girlfriend got into an argument and he left before “it got out of hand.” He told the officer his girlfriend hit herself to get him in trouble. Adams was informed that the girlfriend didn’t want to press charges and Adams was released. Adams spoke with the woman and she then wanted to press charges. The victim had blood on her lips and a bruised area near her eye. She said Rose punched her several times after she asked why he missed work. Rose was located a second time before he was arrested and transported to jail. He was booked on charges for domestic abuse in the presence of a minor.

Officer Ohavyah Soto was dispatched to the intersection of Choctaw Street and West Avenue Oct. 7 due to a man who was reportedly intoxicated and stumbling in the roadway. A woman flagged the officer down and advised the man was behind a building. Soto met with Arnold Olson, who appeared intoxicated. Olson was transported to jail and booked for public drunkenness.

On Sept. 30, Officer Richard Berry was called to assist medical with a man who was passed out at East Shawnee Street. According to the police report, the man allegedly tried breaking into a residence before he passed out. A woman told officers that the man awoke and took off running from the property. Officer David Trammell said Justin Sallee ran to a drainage ditch under the Bertha Parker Bypass. The man claimed his girlfriend gave him permission to enter the residence. Sallee was arrested for vandalism and transported to jail for booking.

Sgt. Todd Carnes was dispatched to Walmart Sept. 30 for an alleged shoplifting incident. Employees said Lisa Mellowbug was suspected of nine separate incidents that involved petit larceny and totaled $621.84. Mellowbug was arrested and transported to jail for booking.

On Sept. 30, Walmart employees noticed that Monroe Colston II failed to scan a set of car seat covers. The man claimed the merchandise wasn’t his despite it being in the shopping cart he had with him. Colston was arrested and booked for the offense.


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