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Police Reports 1-9-24: two wanted men located at homeless encampment

Two men were arrested for possessing meth after officers came across a homeless encampment.

On Dec. 14, Tahlequah Police Lt. Bryan Qualls and Sgt. Lane Cobb were on foot patrol north of Lowe’s due to homeless people making camps in the woods. The officers met with multiple people at the encampment and were informed that Eddie Stewart was in a tent nearby. Qualls met with the man and arrested him after dispatch confirmed his warrant. Stewart was searched after his arrest and Qualls located an undisclosed amount of methamphetamine on his person. Stewart was booked for possession of a controlled dangerous substance and his warrant. Cobb made contact with Oce Davis, who was also arrested for a warrant. Cobb searched a backpack that Davis had and found a vial containing what appeared to be meth. Davis was booked on tribal charges of possession of a controlled dangerous substance and his warrant.

Officer Bruce Gower responded to Family Dollar Dec. 24 due to a woman who appeared to be under the influence of drugs. The officer observed Courtney Reichard frantically walking down the aisles while talking to herself in a “panicked manner.” The woman told Gower she was looking for her daughter, who wandered off, however; employees said Reichard came into the store alone. Reichard was arrested and employees said she had dropped a baggie that contained a white substance. Officers believed the substance was fentanyl. Reichard was booked for public intoxication and possession of a controlled dangerous substance.

Lt. Justin Leatherwood was dispatched to Sonic Dec. 11 after a woman reported that a cat was driving a rocket ship and “blew up” a truck. Sara Ferrari had a strong odor of alcohol coming from her person and possessed a nearly empty bottle of whiskey in her purse. Ferrari was arrested for public intoxication and transported to jail for booking.

On Dec. 27, Sgt. Mitchell Sellers was working traffic in the area of North Cedar Avenue when he observed a vehicle speeding. The officer conducted a traffic stop and made contact with Edwin Romero, Lola Miller, and another passenger. Dispatch advised that Romero’s driver’s license was suspended and he was possibly wanted. Sellers asked the man if he could search the vehicle for anything illegal and Romero gave the officer permission to do so. THC oil and three glass pipes were found in the vicinity of where Miller was seated. Miller, who maintained that her name was Patricia Hogshooter throughout the course of the traffic stop, was arrested for possession of paraphernalia. Romero was transported to jail and booked for his warrant. He was also cited for speeding and driving under suspension. Miller allegedly gave officers a wrong date of birth while she was being booked. Jail officers also found a small amount of marijuana Miller had concealed on her person. Sellers was notified two days later that Miller also gave officers a false name. Miller was booked for possession of paraphernalia. The charge of false impersonation to create liability was added.

Sgt. Cobb was called to Coldwell Banker Dec. 13 after an intoxicated woman was reportedly being combative. Marguerite Allen told officers that a family member was selling her eggs and taking the collected money to the casino. She also said she was paralyzed but had recovered. The woman appeared intoxicated and admitted to consuming alcohol earlier in the day. Allen was arrested for public drunkenness and booked.


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