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Police Reports 1-8-24: argument over keys lands man in jail for alleged assault

Police were called after a man allegedly assaulted a woman during an argument about keys.

On Dec. 22, Lt. Matt Frits was called to the parking lot of the alternative school due to reports of a physical domestic that reportedly occurred on North Jones Avenue. A woman said Tanner Erickson was involved in a physical domestic incident. She claimed Erickson began to get irate as the two were discussing her apartment key and him wanting one. The woman said Erickson refused to allow her to leave his residence before he assaulted her. According to Frit’s police report, the woman said Erickson hit himself in the face and claimed he would blame her for the injuries. The man appeared upset when asking for his house key back from the woman. She advised Erickson that his key was in her vehicle, but he found it under a floor mat. Frits advised EMS that the victim had injuries and needed to be checked out. Officers responded to Erickson’s residence and the man agreed to speak with them. He claimed the victim was the aggressor and physically assaulted him after an argument. Erickson told officers he had a video recording of the incident, however; the footage showed the woman sitting on the floor and crying. Erickson was arrested and booked on tribal charges for domestic assault and battery and domestic assault and battery by strangulation.

On Dec. 23, Officer Richard Berry was dispatched to Walmart after a man was observed to be trespassing inside the store. Employees advised that Mohawk Beaver was leaving the store and was headed toward an SUV in the parking lot. Berry was unable to locate the vehicle in the parking lot. Dispatch informed the officer that the suspected vehicle was turning onto Park Hill Road. Sgt. Robbie Bacon located the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop when he met with Beaver. Beaver was arrested for trespassing and booked into jail.

Sgt. Lane Cobb was driving on Muskogee Avenue Dec. 22 when he observed the vehicle in front of him make a right-hand turn onto Morgan Avenue. The officer noted that the vehicle’s back passenger side tire drove over the curb and onto the sidewalk. Cobb conducted a traffic stop and met with the driver, Wayne Skinner. Skinner allegedly told the officer that he didn’t have a driver’s license at the time and it was “revoked.” Cobb ran the man’s information, and it was determined that insurance to the vehicle was confirmed and Skinner’s driver’s license was actually suspended. Cobb also stated in his report that the man had warrants, which neither agency wanted to extradite. Skinner was arrested and booked for driving under suspension.

Officer Ohavyah Soto conducted a traffic stop Dec. 26 on a vehicle that had a defective brake light. Dispatch advised that Eric Andrews’ driver’s license was revoked. Andrews was arrested for the offense and transported to jail for booking.

On Nov. 25, Officer Austin Hughart was patrolling in the area of Oklahoma Avenue and Janet Street when he observed a man operating a motorcycle. The officer was familiar with the driver and was aware that he had a suspended driver’s license. A records check confirmed the officer’s suspicion and Hughart conducted a traffic stop. Curtis Laster was positively identified before he was arrested for driving under suspension.

On Dec. 27, Officer Brad Baker was advised of a possible intoxicated man who was causing a disturbance at the Tahlequah City Municipal Court Clerks office. Baker located Zachariah Bales and informed him that he had a warrant. The man reportedly argued with Baker and said he was taking care of the warrant. Bales was eventually arrested for the warrant and public intoxication.


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