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Police Reports 1-29-24: driver taken to jail during traffic stop

A local woman was arrested after officers found paraphernalia and a small amount of a crystal-like substance during a traffic stop.

On Jan. 10, Tahlequah Police Lt. Matt Frits patrolling the area of Cedar Avenue when he observed a vehicle with a defective taillight. Frits recognized the driver as Amanda Manasco, who he said was known to be involved in drug activity. Manasco nor the passenger could find the insurance verification to the vehicle. Frits noticed that Manasco’s hand appeared to be shaking and asked if she was nervous. The woman said she wasn’t nervous and that her hand wasn’t shaking. Frits returned to his vehicle and asked for additional officers to respond due to Manasco’s demeanor. The officer told Manasco and the passenger to keep their hands where he could see them. Sgt. Mitchell Sellers and Officer Brad Baker arrived as Frits asked if a K-9 unit could respond. Dispatch advised no K-9 unit was available, and insurance to the vehicle could not be confirmed. Officers searched the vehicle and located pieces of aluminum foil with black residue and a baggie with a small amount of a crystal-like substance. Manasco was arrested and booked for defective vehicle, no insurance, possession of a controlled dangerous substance, and possession of paraphernalia. The passenger was released after the traffic stop.

Officer Steffon Herd spotted a suspicious man who was walking up to a house Jan. 11. The man caught the officer’s attention when he “shook his pockets and looked back” before walking up to the residence. Herd turned his patrol unit around and could see the man hiding behind the screen door. Herd attempted to make a pedestrian stop when Damien Plucker took off running. A foot chase ensued, and Herd told the man to stop, or he’d deploy his Taser. Plucker eventually grew fatigued and was taken into custody after Herd caught up to him. Plucker was booked on tribal charges for two warrants, public intoxication, resisting arrest, and escaping arrest and obstruction.

Officer David Trammell was dispatched to a residence on Shawnee Street Jan. 8 due to reports of a domestic incident. Jeffrey Bennett informed officers that he “placed his hands” on a woman. The man claimed the woman wouldn’t let him sleep, and then would not let him into a vehicle to leave. Bennett said he pushed the woman, which caused her to fall and hit her head. Bennett was arrested and booked for domestic assault and battery.

On Dec. 9, Officer Bruce Gower was patrolling the area of North Muskogee Avenue and East Downing Street when he observed a vehicle that had an expired paper tag. The officer conducted a traffic stop and made contact with the driver, Tyler Samuels. Gower was informed that Samuels’ driver’s license was suspended, and he had a warrant for failure to appear. Samuels was arrested and told Gower there was marijuana in his vehicle. Samuels was booked for the warrant and tribal charges of possession of marijuana.

Sgt. Robbie Bacon was called to the Tahlequah Terrace apartments Jan. 9 for a woman who was reportedly sleeping in the laundry room. Sara Ferrari was banned from the property and told not to come back. Later that day, Officer Richard Berry responded to the same apartment complex due to Ferrari trying to set up a tent on the property. Ferrari was arrested and booked for trespassing.

On Jan. 11, Officer Dylan Harman responded to South Campbell Road due to an intoxicated man. Harman met with Braedon Pickup, who said he was doing laundry at a family member’s apartment. Harman said Pickup had an odor of alcohol on his person and was unsteady on his feet. The man admitted to consuming vodka about 45 minutes before officers were called. Pickup was arrested for public intoxication and booked on tribal charges.

Officer Herd responded to West Third Street Jan. 11 because of a woman who was reportedly trespassing and refused to leave. Abiann Hopper said her friend asked to pick her up from that location. Herd noticed that she was unsteady on her feet and Hopper said she consumed a couple of “shots.” Hooper said she drove to the residence to pick up her friend, however; the vehicle she was attempting to enter was registered to the person who called police. Hopper was booked on tribal charges of public intoxication and obstruction.


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