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Police Reports 1-2-24: two jailed after K-9 alerts to narcotics during traffic stop

Two women were arrested after officers discovered drug paraphernalia and meth during a traffic stop.

On Dec. 9, Tahlequah Police Officer Austin Hughart was patrolling the area of East Crafton Street and Callie Avenue when he observed a vehicle pull up to an apartment wherein, he believed narcotics were sold. The officer stayed in the area for about five minutes and noticed the same vehicle leaving the residence. Hughart conducted a traffic stop after he discovered that the vehicle had a defective tail light. Echo Killsnight claimed that she and Cynthia Glass were visiting friends, Jan and Oscar. Hughart contacted Cherokee County Sheriff’s Deputy Doug Baker and asked him and his K-9 deputy to assist with the traffic stop. Both women were told to exit the vehicle after the K-9 deputy alerted to narcotics. Officers searched the vehicle when they found a syringe cap with a crystal-like substance, a smoking pipe that had an odor of burnt marijuana, and a grinder containing a small amount of marijuana. Killsnight fessed up to having methamphetamine in her pocket and claimed she didn’t get it at that apartment prior to the traffic stop. Hughart told the woman he wasn’t aware of an “Oscar” residing at the apartment and Killsnight clarified that “Oscar” was a dog. Killsnight was booked for possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia, and possession of a controlled dangerous substance. Glass was booked for possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia. According to the police report, both women are tribal members.

On Dec. 9, Officer Jess McClure was called to Tahlequah Inn after an intoxicated man allegedly caused a disturbance. Employees said the man, John Grayson, left the property on foot and was walking toward Casey’s General Store. Officers made contact with the man inside the store and asked him several times to step outside to discuss the incident. Officers tried to escort the man out of the store but Grayson was taken to the ground and arrested. According to McClure’s police report, officers had dealt with Grayson the night before for the same incident and the man was allowed to sleep in his vehicle. The motel manager said Grayson tried to sneak back inside Tahlequah Inn and was asked to return to his vehicle. Grayson was booked for public intoxication and trespassed from the motel.  

Sgt. Robbie Bacon responded to West South Street Dec. 9 for a reported domestic incident. The victim said Kyle Hitchcock left in a vehicle before officers arrived and he may have been near Greenwood Elementary. Hitchcock was accused of assaulting the victim and breaking a window to her residence. Hitchcock was located on Maple Avenue and arrested for vandalism.

On Dec. 8, Lt. Matt Frits was dispatched to Days Inn due to a disturbance. The officer could hear a group of men yelling as he arrived. The men could be seen running inside the business. Three men in the parking lot said Albert Sedillo a vehicle with another vehicle. Sedillo was allegedly confrontational with another man, who claimed to be the victim. Frits could smell the odor of alcohol on Sedillo’s person and he was arrested for public intoxication.

Officer Caleb Murray was patrolling the area of East Allen Road Dec. 9 when he observed a Dodge Ram with a defective tail light. The vehicle turned onto Crafton Street when the officer conducted a traffic stop. The driver, Robert Crossfield, handed Murray an identification card and said his license expired. Dispatch advised that the man’s license was suspended, not expired. Crossfield was transported to jail and booked for driving under suspension.


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