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Police Reports 1-17-24: three jailed after drugs found inside residence

Three people were arrested on drug charges after a search warrant was executed.

On Dec. 18, officers with the Tahlequah Police Department executed a search warrant on a residence believed to have illegal drug activity. Officer Bryan Swim began investigating after he was informed about the residence on East Shawnee Street. He conducted four “trash pulls” since Nov. 22 and located multiple items that were related to illegal drug activity. Those items were sent to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation regional laboratory for analysis. Results indicated that the items were methamphetamine. Sgt. Lane Cobb knocked and announced himself several times while Officer Jess McClure announced her presence on a PA system. Cobb and other officers made entry using a breaching tool and searched the residence. Glen Dale Chism, Antonio Golden, and Mya Antwine were inside the residence and detained. Chism had two glass vials with a white crystal residue, a syringe, two hand-rolled cigarettes, rolling papers, and a broken pen with a white residue on him. Antwine had a used syringe and a broken glass smoking pipe with burnt residue on her. During a search of the residence, officers found multiple used syringes, Zip Lock bags with a white powder residue, working scales, drug paraphernalia related to smoking marijuana, and other items. Golden and Chism were booked on recommended tribal charges for possession of a controlled dangerous substance while in the presence of a child under the age of 12, maintaining a dwelling where drugs are kept/sold, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Antwine was booked on recommended tribal charges for possession of drug paraphernalia.

Officer Caleb Murray was patrolling the area of South Muskogee Avenue Dec. 20 when he observed a Chevy Impala fail to stop at a red light. Murray got behind the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop in the parking lot of Carl’s Jr. The driver, Tom Kingfisher, had a strong odor of alcohol coming from his person. The man said he consumed three margaritas and agreed to a field sobriety test. Kingfisher was arrested after the test and booked on tribal charges for aggravated driving under the influence and failure to stop at a red light.

On Dec. 17, Officer Ohavyah Soto was dispatched to North Cedar Avenue to investigate a theft. Two people accused Oscar Moreno of stealing $230 worth of car tires on Dec. 6. The pair said they saw the tires in the back of Moreno’s vehicle and asked the man to return the tires. Officer J.D. Alberty spotted the man walking and approached him. Moreno reportedly denied being the person who stole the tires and claimed his name was Oscar Lara. It was discovered that Moreno had several warrants. Moreno admitted to taking some tires, but he said those belonged to him. Officers asked the pair if Moreno could have mistakenly taken their tires instead of his, they both said that wasn’t the case. Soto informed the individuals that the incident was a civil matter, however; Moreno was arrested for obstruction and false personation creating liability/avoid prosecution.

Officer Soto responded to Bluff Avenue and Jo Street Dec. 17 due to a vehicle crash. The driver at fault, Clinton Keys, said he didn’t stop at the stop sign and struck a truck that was northbound on Bluff Avenue. Soto spotted an empty holster on the floorboard of Keys’ truck. Keys said the gun was in the center console. The officer said Keys appeared intoxicated and he had an odor of alcohol on his person. The man admitted to consuming alcohol earlier in the day and didn’t want to perform a field sobriety test. Keys was transported to jail and booked on tribal charges for driving under the influence, carrying a firearm while intoxicated, driving under revocation, and no security verification.

On Dec. 17, Officer Soto was called to the parking lot of Walmart for reports of a reckless driver. Employees said a Kia Sportage was traveling in the wrong direction and blocking traffic. Someone approached the driver, Tanner Reagan, and he reportedly drove off and jumped the curb. Additionally, Reagan also drove to the back side of the store when he hit another curb. Soto located the suspected vehicle and made contact with the driver. Soto said Reagan appeared dazed and confused. The man denied striking the curb and said he didn’t know how he got a flat tire. Reagan was arrested after a field sobriety test and booked for driving under the influence.

Officer Robert Jones responded to the intersection of College Avenue and Morgan Street Dec. 19 due to a single-vehicle crash. The person who called the police said the vehicle struck a bridge and the driver was intoxicated. Jones arrived after the driver, David Lupau, had left the scene on foot. Officer Zach Adams located Lupau walking on North Vinita Avenue and transported him back to the crash. Jones said the man was extremely intoxicated and couldn’t follow simple instructions during a field sobriety test. Lupau was arrested and booked for driving under the influence.

On Dec. 19, Officer Steffon Herd was called to Walmart to investigate a shoplifting incident wherein the male suspect fled from the lawn and garden area. The officer stopped along the Bertha Parker Bypass when he spotted Chad Newman lying in a brush pile. Newman admitted to stealing from the store and said he ran because he panicked. Employees said the man took $30 worth of merchandise. Newman was transported to jail and booked for petit larceny.


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