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Police chief urges drivers to be 'mindful' during construction process to major roadway

During a March 11 chat session, Tahlequah Police Chief Nate King updated the public on call numbers for the month and upcoming training courses.

King started off his chat with some interesting calls that involved a barricaded man and combative man.

“A gentleman who was suffering from hallucinations, officers arrived, [and] he had a handgun. [He] was firing some rounds, but officers were able to communicate with him until he finally came outside, and we were able to end that standoff peacefully,” King said.

The man was who called authorities and he reported that people were breaking into his residence on McSpadden Court. He was transported to the hospital for evaluation and treatment.

“We called the Cherokee Nation Marshal Service for assistance but the situation prior to their arrival but [we’re] thankful for them to agree to come and help,” King said.

Officers also responded to reports of a combative patient Monday morning, and they were able to apprehend the man.

“We’ve had two use-of-forces so far this month involving our Tasers. Officer Steffon Herd worked an embezzlement case at Tractor Supply for about $10,000 and made an arrest, so I’m proud of Officer Herd for that,” King said.

Officers have logged 1,506 calls for service; close to 563 building checks; 350 traffic stops; 103 pedestrian stops; 11 theft reports; zero burglaries; 17 calls related to domestic disturbances; and 11 vehicle crashes so far for the month of March.

“The South Muskogee [Avenue] construction is due to start anytime so there will be some congestion probably on South Muskogee [Avenue] but both directions of traffic will be open throughout the entirety of construction so be patient, be mindful there will be construction workers there in that work zone,” he said.

The police chief reminded drivers that Delaware Street is now a one-way street on the west side of Muskogee Avenue to College Avenue.

“That’s a street that’s never been one-way. That block has never been one-way so those of us who have grown up in Tahlequah, driven in it our whole lives, it’s going to take some adjustment,” he said.

Several training courses are coming up at the police department; Move and Shoot rifle class; Legal Update; Drug interdiction class; and then a McGirt update from Cherokee Nation Attorney General Office in April.

King spent his morning at the Pull-in Ceremony for Ladder 1 at the Tahlequah Fire Department, and he said he’s thankful for the partnership between the city and Cherokee Nation.

“I think it’s such a great example of two entities that recognize their duty to our community, that both are fully committed to making Tahlequah the best that it can be in whatever aspect that is,” King said. “We’re thankful for that relationship we have with Cherokee Nation.”


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