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Police chief: expect minor delays during road construction

Tahlequah Police Chief Nate King gave an update on current road construction during an April 3 chief chat session.

"Those of you who have traveled on the south end of town know that it is inconvenient at best. Sometimes progress comes with price," he said. "I've been ensured it will be no longer than Friday so just be patient, find an alternate route if possible, and just bear with us."

King is talking about the construction project to South Muskogee Avenue, which is part of the Oklahoma Department of Transportation Asset Preservation Plan for 2023-2026. The road will be overlaid from Southridge Road to the Bertha Parker Bypass.

"It is going to better our town and it's something that's needed done. I appreciate the fact that ODOT is putting some time and money into Tahlequah roads," he said.

Traffic is already hectic in that area with the construction to the roundabouts to U.S. Highway 62 and State Highway 82.

"We have closed the second turn lane coming out of Southridge Road onto South Muskogee Avenue. This morning there were two lanes coming onto South Muskogee, trying to merge into one lane and we've shut one of those turn lanes down with the assistance of Street Commissioner Kevin Smith," King said.

In other business, King said property crime for last week was low as they averaged less than two burglaries per week.

King closed his chat session with a challenge for everyone to have a "loving and compassionate" attitude this week.

"Let's show grace to those who need it, whether they deserve it or not because honestly we've all been in situations that we've received grace when we didn't deserve it.. we hadn't earned it," he said.

Three officers were welcomed to TPD and King said Monday was their first day; Officer Jess McClure; Officer Zach Adams; and Officer Ohavyah Soto.


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