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Police Chief: department operating at full staff, officer returning from medical leave

Tahlequah Police Chief Nate King, during an April 17 chat session, said last weekend’s events were a success for officers and community members/businesses.

“Crawfish Festival went off without a hitch, Walk a Mile - the 13th annual - had quite a few attendees at that. [The] police department had a group that walked in that to help raise money for Help In Crisis, and to help stand up against domestic violence in our community,” King said.

Walk a Mile is an event that King considers important as domestic violence is something that can “creep into our families.”

“It might not be taking place in your house but someone that you love, someone that you know. It’s important to stand up and be against that so it’s not such a social issue,” he said.

In other business, King touched on crime statistics for last week and said property crimes were low.

“Right now there is a residence that has been giving us some issues around First Street and College Avenue. We’ve been compiling some reports on that to try and take some civil action through the city as far as the abatement process goes,” King said.

Three officers are currently in field-training and about to begin Phase 3 of the training. King said his department will be operating at full staff as of Sunday, April 23. One officer will return next week from medical leave and King said that officer is ready to be back on full duty.

“Officers work four days on, three days off. They work two eight-hour shifts and two 12-hour shifts each week. We’re trying to give better coverage, which it does. This schedule we’re on has more officers on the streets at one time and it also allows officers to be home with their families more,” King said.

The police chief said TPD plans to stay more connected and they will begin social media campaigns starting in May.


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