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Police Chief: 'Contributing factors on both parties' possibly involved in Saturday's motorcycle v. vehicle crash

During an April 8 chat session, Tahlequah Police Chief Nate King updated the public on a few incidents and recognized officers for their work in March.

"Our Adam Shift, or our day shift that works Tuesdays through Fridays; Lt. Bryan Qualls; Sgt. Lane Cobb; patrolmen Reed Felts; Thomas Donnell; Bryan Swim; and Dylan Harman. They all averaged about 1.25 calls an hour. Our goal is somewhere around a call an hour [and] our data shows that our calls last about 32 minutes a piece on average," King said.

King also credited TPD's Charlie Shift; Lt. Matt Frits; Sgt. Mitchell Sellers; officers Steffon Herd; Bruce Gower; and Caleb Murray.

"For the month of March they had over 30 arrests as a shift. They're out there at night arresting bad guys, arresting bad people in Tahlequah while we're sleeping," King said.

The police chief gave an update to Saturday's motorcycle v. vehicle on East Downing Street, during Tahlequah Cruise Night.

"I'm releasing any names at this time and the accident is still under investigation. From watching the videos that have been out and about, I really think there were contributing factors on both parties involved and my thoughts and prayers go out to both parties involved," he said.

The motorcyclist is said to be in stable condition after undergoing medical procedures at a Fayetteville hospital.

Officers also worked an aggravated assault incident that occurred downtown and King said that case is still under investigation.

"It ended up being some severe wounds that weren't apparent at the time of the incident and we're still addressing the issues that came up there, both criminally and then procedurally on our side because in the end we want to provide the best service possible to the citizens that are within the city limits of Tahlequah," King said.

Tahlequah's newest officer Brett Robbins just began field-training work this week.


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