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Police Chief: Officers to be recognized for heroic efforts

During a June 17 chat session, Tahlequah Police Chief Nate King updated the public on a few incidents involving officers and their heroic efforts while on duty last week.

Officers logged 2,387 calls for service; close to 830 building checks; 599 traffic stops; 213 pedestrian stops; one burglary; and 13 thefts.

"We've made 40 arrests so far this month and have taken 141 reports. It's been a busy month so far [and] the weather is heating up, heat index breaking [100 degrees] most days so hydrate, stay cool, stay safe," King said.

King said a few officers will be recognized in July for their performances while on duty.

"Officer Richard Berry, early last week, actually responded to a nonresponsive child, infant call. [He] performed CPR and was able to revive the child who was transported to a hospital after that," he said.

Officers Bruce Gower and Dylan Harman encountered a woman last week who brandished a firearm and shot toward the two men.

"[Officer Gower] was able to take the suspect into custody, Laura Carroll is her name. She was transported to the Cherokee County Detention Center. No officers were harmed and she was taken into custody without any lethal force at all," King said. "[Officers] basically found themselves in that 'no man's land' and [Gower] was too close so he ended up using physical force to overpower her and take the gun from her."

Officers had their annual shift bid last week and King said changes will take effect the first week of July. King said interviews have been conducted for patrolman and dispatch positions at the department.

King ended his chat session with informing residents to contact him if they would like the department's new radar trailer placed in their neighborhood.

"Right now, it is on Jamestown Street [and] that's one of my tasks tomorrow, is to go pull data from it. That thing has been nice as far as seeing if there is speeding problem and if there is, telling us when it is so we can better enforce the law in your neighborhood," King said.


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