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Police Chief: Number of burglaries, crashes low during March

During a March 25 chat session, Tahlequah Police Chief Nate King updated the public on call numbers for the month, new hires, and upcoming training courses.

Officers have logged 3,477 calls for service; close to 1,300 building checks; 769 traffic stops; 244 pedestrian stops; 22 theft reports; two burglaries; and 25 vehicle crashes so far for the month of March.

"We've have 25 accidents. That's one of the lowest accidents' number for a month we've had in a long time, so good job Tahlequah. We have a lot of construction going on right now [and] I know at times that can be frustrating but for us to improve our road system, we have to shut some roads down to work on them at times," King said.

Several training courses are coming up at the police department; Legal Update; and then a McGirt update from Cherokee Nation Attorney General Office in April.

"We're appreciative of that, we're appreciative of the partnership we have with the Cherokee Nation," King said.

Aaron Dorrough and Brett Robbins are TPD's newest hires King said they'll be a "fantastic addition" to the PD.

It's budget week for city officials and King said he's doing administrative work to get those budget requests entered.

"We're going to the calls when they're there, officers are doing a lot of proactive policing and we have two [officers] out; injured right now [and] hopefully they won't be out long but they're out injured right now but we're still maintaining," King said.


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