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McIntosh officially files candidacy for D3 state Senate

Republican Dr. Julie McIntosh, a physician and advocate for traditional Oklahoma values, has officially filed her candidacy for state Senate.

As a mother of four, McIntosh has homeschooled her children for more than two decades. She said she will fight for parental rights and reject any efforts by the radical left to indoctrinate children. She said her experience as a physician reinforces her conviction that biological boys don’t belong in girls’ sports and locker rooms.

McIntosh said she brings a wealth of experience to her candidacy for public office as she’s a seasoned healthcare professional. Her tenure as a family medicine practitioner and medical director for the Muskogee and Okmulgee County health departments has equipped her with invaluable experience and insights into the pressing healthcare issues facing Oklahomans today.

Inspired by the legacy of Dr. Tom Coburn, McIntosh embodies the principles of freedom and liberty. She firmly believes that individuals, in consultation with their physicians, should chart their own paths to health and well-being, free from government interference.

Dr. Coburn recruited her husband, Dr. Brad McIntosh, to work in his Muskogee medical practice, leading the family to settle in the Porter area 19 years ago.

McIntosh believes the first and last line of defense against a tyrannical government is the Second Amendment. With a lifelong involvement in outdoor activities like hunting and marksmanship, she said she is committed to preserving gun ownership and safeguarding citizens' rights to self-defense.

McIntosh said she is dedicated to lowering taxes, empowering parents in education, and safeguarding individual freedoms for all Oklahomans. Her expertise uniquely qualifies her to lead on issues concerning patients’ rights, banning gender modification procedures on minors, and protecting the unborn.

She pledges to fight for conservative principles, combatting issues such as illegal immigration, liberal indoctrination in schools, and government overreach.

“I am deeply honored to officially file for the State Senate," said McIntosh. "I am committed to representing the voices and conservative values of the people of District 3 and am eager to work tirelessly on their behalf to build a brighter future for our state."

McIntosh and her husband are parents to four children – Kiyam, Olivia, Samuel, and Lillian. They also have a grandson, Judah. They actively engage in community service and is involved in First Baptist Church in Muskogee. The family also attends New Life Worship Center in Tahlequah, where McIntosh’s father serves as a pastor.

McIntosh received her M.D. from the University of Oklahoma in 1997, with Brad following suit in 1998. Both received their undergraduate degrees from Indiana Wesleyan University.


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