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Lewis headed to arraignment in district court

A district court arraignment is slated for a Stilwell man who is accused of killing three people in 2022.

According to court records, three witnesses were sworn in during a May 1 preliminary hearing and the court found sufficient evidence presented to establish the commission of three counts of murder.

A judge ordered mental observation/evaluation to determine the competency of Robert Edwin Lewis back in October 2022 and the case was continued as the state awaited the forensic examination report. Lewis was found competent during a March 4 hearing.

Lewis was ordered to be examined for competency to stand trial on Feb. 22, 2023. It was further ordered that a qualified professional, which is designated by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services Development Disability Services, was authorized to participate in the competency evaluation process “wherein development or intellectual disability may be involved.”

Lewis pleaded not guilty to all three counts of murder for the killings Quinley Lamb, 43, and Brian Shackelford, 51, both of Sharp County, Arkansas, and DeAnna Tippey, 36, of Cherokee County. Tippey was Lewis' girlfriend. According to an affidavit, Lewis was taken into custody Jan. 28, 2022 at the Cherokee Casino in Tahlequah after he called Elden Graves, who was a detective with the Tahlequah Police Department at the time.

Lewis was transported to the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office when he drew a map of where a body was located.

“I gave Robert a piece of paper as he started to draw his road on his property, he stated [a body] was buried on the right side of the road. I advised Robert we had already been to his property and found a body on the left side of the road, not the right side of the road,” the affidavit stated.

Lewis then explained that there were three bodies buried on his property, subsequently confessing to killing the three. Lewis told investigators he thought he wanted to talk to an attorney. The bodies were discovered in shallow graves on the property at 25182 E. 770 Road in Cherokee County.

Lewis' arraignment is slated for June 6 in Cherokee County District Court.


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