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Lengthy pursuit ends in three arrests

Local law enforcement officials said three people were arrested Sunday evening after a lengthy pursuit.

Cherokee County Sheriff Jason Chennault said his office was notified around 5 p.m., Sunday, March 12 that a woman showed up to a residence on Park Hill Road.

“A woman showed up to her house and stole her dog. She knew the name of the woman, gave a vehicle description.

Apparently the woman told her, ‘You owe me money. I’m going to take this dog [and] if you don’t pay me for the dog I’m going to come back and I’m going to shoot your house up,’” Chennault said.

The sheriff said investigators were familiar with the woman and knew she had the capability to following through with her threat. They began looking for the truck but they weren’t able to locate it until Sgt. James Morgan spotted it on State Highway 10, a few hours later.

“The female was driving when Morgan got behind the truck but he saw them switch drivers from a female to a male. When we finally got them stopped, the male was driving,” Chennault said.

Sgt. Pete Broderick and Capt. Derrick Grant attempted to knock the truck off the road during the pursuit before the chase ended on Coffee Hollow Road.

“Pete and Derrick tried knock the vehicle off the road during the pursuit and that’s how [both vehicles] ended up crashing,” Chennault said.

Deputies could see items being thrown from the vehicle during the chase and Chennault said all they found were beer cans. It was during a search of the vehicle when they found weapons and drugs.

“They found a handgun, an AK-47 rifle, and methamphetamine and fentanyl,” he said.

Chennault said two dogs were taken from the woman and those were returned to their owner.

The names of the three people who were arrested have not been released. No injuries were reported.


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