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Cook running for D3 state Senate

Former Help In Crisis Executive Director and local attorney Margaret Cook filed her candidacy for District 3 State Senate.

Cook, an Independent, said she became disillusioned with the political system several years ago when she switched her registration. She said she decided to run for Senate the night before the final day of registration when she discovered there were only candidates from one party registered.

“I have been doing some policy work in the area of human trafficking of minors and have been noticing big gaps, so I was already frustrated at how far behind the law was from the real world.  It seemed there was work to be done and a stand to make for democracy, so I figured I had a responsibility to run,” she said.

As the former executive director at HIC and being an attorney, Cook said she’s been at the table multiple times with law enforcement, district attorneys, child welfare, and other community members who bring different viewpoints and who are seeking to resolve the issue at hand instead of focusing on differences.

“I truly believe with the right people in office, people who are willing to set aside their differences, it is possible to move toward resolving some of the difficult issues Oklahoman's are facing. Our issues are not black and white, an extreme right or left position is not going to fix things. We must figure out a way to find a middle ground and get some positive movement forward,” she said.

Cook added that her experience at HIC taught her to be an advocate while her time spent as an attorney taught her to understand law and how words matter.

“Both of these skills are important for a legislator, and I expect to use them both every day if I win,” Cook said.

Cook said the job of a legislator is representing individuals in the district, and not a political party.

“Whatever walk of life someone comes from, I really want to know what their concerns are,” she said.

Cook is open for speaking engagements and can be reached through her e-mail; or by phone at 918.316.0412.


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