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Chennault walks away with victory after Tuesday's primary election

Jason Chennault will remain the Cherokee County Sheriff after defeating Republican Pete Broderick and Republican Clint Johnson, 60.72 percent to Broderick’s 30.02 percent and Johnson’s 9.26 percent.

Chennault was named sheriff in 2019 when Norman Fisher retired after 15 years in office. He defeated Republican Manuel A. Holland in 2020.

“I’m surprised at the low turnout. I don’t know what to attribute that to but I’m very pleased with the results,” Chennault said. “I want to thank everybody that supported us, that voted for us, that prayed for us. I look forward to serving another four years.”

Broderick said Tuesday's election wasn’t a defeat for him, but more of an opportunity.

“I’ll take that opportunity to urge all the voters of Cherokee County who supported me to not only congratulate Sheriff Chennault, but to also offer him our full support,” Broderick said. “Let’s find ways to come together and bridge our differences, and help the sheriff restore dignity and accountability to the office, while we strive to build a safer and better community for all of us.”

Johnson was asked for a comment but didn’t respond by press time.

Incumbent Democratic District 2 Cherokee County Commissioner. Chris Jenkins will remain seated, 69.16 percent for Jenkins and 30.84 percent for Rick Lamons.

Jenkins and Lamons were reached for comment ahead of Tuesday’s results, but neither responded.

In the District 3 State Senate election, Sen. Black “Cowboy” Stephens garnered 38.08 percent of the votes statewide, Dr. Julie McIntosh held 37.42 percent and Patrick Sampson had 24.50 percent.

Republican J. Brian Bingman had the victory for Corporation Commissioner as he went head-to-head with Justin Hornback and Russell Ray.


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