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Wake up Obama. This is not about gun control, it is about terrorism.

It is difficult to fathom this weekend’s events. There is no justification to this horror. While some say it has to do with mental illness or gun control, sure a man in that state of mind should never be able to legally purchase a weapon. However, when our nation is being threaten every day by Islamic terrorists and you have someone who has been interviewed three times by the FBI, how? Why?

The solution is not banning guns; it’s banning people like this from access to guns. 49 people are dead now because the FBI chose to look the other way. Our so called “leader” who the country is looking to for answers and solutions refuses to acknowledge the real problem here.

USA TODAY says that Obama is saying that there is no evidence that this terrorist was directed by the Islamic State. OK? In a time like this, let’s be as politically correct as possible. He called 911 declaring his alliance with ISIS and again was interviewed THREE times by the FBI since 2013. How is that not evident enough?

So our solution to end terrorism is to take guns away? Guns weren’t used on September 11th, planes and box cutters were. Guns weren’t used in the Oklahoma City Bombing.

We have every right to feel protected and we have every right to carry a firearm. Obama is protected 24/7 with his ARMED service men, does this mean they will be disarmed too? No.

Finally, I find it sickening that the first response by political candidates is selling their solution. They take advantage from tragedies like this to boost votes and bash one another. When they should take that same amount of time and energy to do what they can to help.


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