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National movement brought to NSU

National movement, #ItStopsWithMe, was brought to NSU this week. The movement is a comprehensive tactic to prevention. The purpose of this movement was to raise awareness for hot topics at universities all over the country.

“I decided to bring this to NSU because I’m passionate about how our words can affect people,” said Molly Bennett, Panhellenic president. “I think that everything that is happening at college and universities it’s important for someone to stand up for what they believe in and be an activist for what is right.”

#ItStopsWithMe originated as an approach to address sex trafficking issues in America. Recently, the movement has spread throughout campuses.

“People were passionate about the “R” word, the “N” word, #blacklivesmatter, animal cruelty, gender equality, just to name a few,” said Bennett. “Everyone feels strongly about something.”

The idea for NSU’s #ItStopsWithMe came from Duke University’s You Don’t Say campaign.

“I participated because I wanted others to know that words that they may say casually can really hurt others,” said Dylan Kinser, Sand Springs freshman. “I wanted to stand up for what I thought was right and I figured my friends would follow.”

Participants were asked to raise awareness of trending topics with a photograph of themselves holding a poster board with a topic they are passionate about, following #ItStopsWithMe. The photos were then posted to social media.

“I chose to participate because I was curious about the movement,” said Skyler Conley, Clayton junior. “I was looking through the pre-made cards they had at the booth in the UC and found some that really spoke to me.”

This was just the beginning of a successful outreach. Bennett’s goal is for there to be more education behind the movement.

“The pictures started the movement,” said Kinser. “Now it’s up to us to continue the movement by standing by the beliefs that we chose to represent in those pictures.”

For more information, email Molly Bennett at

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