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Communication Lab provides additional aid to students for various courses

With the multiple programs NSU has to offer its students, it is hard to stay informed with them all. One program offered at NSU is the Communication Lab.

“The goal of the lab is to be a resource for the campus, not just the department,” said Dr. Kristopher Copeland, Communication Lab director. “It’s a good resource for any student who is giving a speech, preparing any presentation for delivery in a class.”

The Comm Lab is a program that provides all forms of communication to students who are not only communications studies majors, but to students who are in every major.

“Students really need to go to the Communication Lab if they need any type of help with delivery of presentations,” said Copeland. “Any students that would like some advice, I would encourage them to seek the Comm lab.”

The Comm Lab is a utilized training resource for the NSU community. The lab is required for students enrolled in Comm. 1113, Business and Professional Speaking, Public Speaking and Group Dynamics.

“I used it for my oral communication class and my English Comp II class, said Shelby Burris, Drumright, junior. “Just like the science building has a tutoring center, the Comm Lab helps you with citing sources and will allow you to present to them so you can make sure your speech flows and allows you to get comfortable presenting to individuals you don't know.”

The lab is available for students who are are needing assistance with mock interviews, speeches or their presentations, whether they need help with putting them together, presenting them or speech anxiety.

“As a new instructor, it helps me understand some of the problems and anxiety my students may face,” said Kendrea James, Oologah, graduate student. “It’s always helpful to practice multiple times before a speech and the Comm Lab provides a comfortable environment for student to come and work out the hiccups in their speeches.

For more information, email Dr. Copeland at

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