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HawkReach Counseling Services offered to students

Is it surprising to think that anxiety is a common thing? Something so distressing becoming “normal” and it happens to be the number one mental health problem on college campuses. Anxiety has been recognized since the early 80’s, so why does it seem to be a hot topic in recent years? Some believe students are experiencing anxiety more commonly for the reason that the pressures of having a degree have increased.

“You used to be able to start a job and work your way up,” said Faith Zappa, Minden, Louisiana junior. “Now it’s almost impossible to get a decent paying job without a degree.”

The people, whom suffer from anxiety, experienced their first episode by age twenty-two. Anxiety in students could be common due to a number of reasons.

“Some students are away from home for the first time,” said Tammy Warren, student development counselor. “They are in a new environment, new state, and sometimes even a new country.”

Students are faced with various expectations when it comes to school, not only about their education, but also about their social lives.

“Obviously expectations can be a factor,” said Dr. Melinda Shaver, licensed health psychologist. “There is their self-expectation, parental expectation, and it also has to do with their future.”

Anxiety is a normal emotion, however when it interferes with a student’s focus, motivation, studies and health, it can make an already stressful situation, worse. Typically, the signs of anxiety are nervousness, increasing heart rate, hyperventilating and trouble concentrating.

“I’m certainly affected by anxiety but I think it’s normal,” said Zappa. “It is how I know that I’m learning and still being challenged, but I don’t feel like my anxiety is ever at a point that I would feel the need to seek out professional help.”

If anxiety is interfering with a student’s education and health, it is advised that the student seek treatment where therapy and/or medications are often used. NSU’s HawkReach services are for students who find themselves in situations as such.

“Find some coping skills that you can use when you are anxious,” said Warren. “Coping strategies and skills are the reactions and behaviors one adopts to deal with difficult situations.”

HawkReach Counseling Services are free to all enrolled students and are open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and located in the Leoser Complex.



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