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Sheriff: undercover operation lands woman in jail for engaging in prostitution at local business

A local masseuse was arrested Friday, Sept. 1 after she attempted to give an undercover agent a "happy ending."

Cherokee County Sheriff Jason Chennault said he had received complaints of illicit sexual activity at Family Foot Massage over the past three months. He asked for the assistance of a commissioned deputy with the Haskell County Sheriff’s Office and an experienced undercover narcotics agent.

The undercover agent made an appointment for a massage session with a masseuse named “Jenny,” whose real name is Guihua Zhang.

“Before his appointment, CCSO Capt. Derrick Grant provided him with $200 cash from the CCSO narcotics purchase account and recorded the serial numbers of the bills,” Chennault stated in an affidavit. “He told me that he would telephone me as he was walking into Family Foot Massage and he and I would remain on the telephone call for the duration of the massage appointment. He and I then established a safety phrase that included my first name that he would say in the event he needed assistance or if an arrestable criminal offense was committed.”

The agent entered the establishment and said he had an appointment with “Jenny.” Chennault could hear him ask, “Do I take my clothes off?” and then, “Do you take your clothes off?” According to the affidavit, the woman spoke very little for the duration of the massage.

“At one point, approximately 25 minutes or so into the massage, he asked ‘Jenny’, ‘Do you do my front too?’ ‘Jenny’ did not audibly answer. At around 30 minutes into the massage, Sgt. Kathy Young and I heard ‘Jenny’ speak, but we were unable to clearly hear what she said. A short time later, we heard him say, ‘Jason,’” the affidavit stated.

The agent told Chennault that Zhang committed an “arrestable offense” and she was taken into custody.

“He told me ‘Jenny’ told him his 30-minute massage was over and asked if he wanted anything extra. He told ‘Jenny’ that he did want extra and she handed him his shorts and asked for an additional $40. He stated he handed ‘Jenny’ $40 from the pocket in his shorts and she used her hand to take hold of his penis. He reported he then said the agreed upon safety phrase, ‘Jason,’” the affidavit stated.

Chennault explained to Zhang the reason for her arrest and she reportedly said she didn’t understand English well.

Investigators searched a purse that was found in the room where the massage session took place and found Zhang’s driver’s license.

The purse, a cell phone, a planner book, and a cell phone that part of the Family Foot Massage’s security surveillance system were all seized as evidence. The money that was paid to Zhang for the undercover agent's massage was also seized.

Zhang was transported to the Cherokee County Detention Center and booked for engaging in prostitution.


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