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Sheriff's Reports 4-30-24: Woman accused of stealing corndogs, beer, bread

A woman denied any wrongdoing after she was seen consuming stolen bread when she was approached by deputies.

On April 14, Cherokee County Sheriff's Deputy Jimmie Robertson was dispatched to the Log Store for someone who was reportedly trespassing and shoplifting. An employee said Christy Allen was banned from the store earlier that day and she had returned. Allen reportedly stole two corndogs, a can of beer, and bread. Employees said Allen became agitated and swung her arms at them when they confronted her. Allen was located at the intersection of State Highway 82 and Woodard Road. Robertson said the woman was consuming the bread that was stolen from the store when he approached her. Allen claimed someone in a vehicle told her she could go back to the store, even though she was trespassed earlier. She also said she tried paying for the items but the store wouldn't take her money. Robertson told Allen she was going to be arrested for petit larceny and trespassing, but Allen protested that she had done nothing wrong and refused to stand up. Allen was arrested and transported to jail for booking.

Deputy Robertson was called to State Highway 51 Spur April 19 due to reports of a fight in progress. Dispatch advised that the suspect fled on foot and was walking on Grandview Road. A woman said she was attacked by Brianna Jordan while she was driving. The woman said she and her son picked Jordan up for a court date but she seemed intoxicated and agitated. Jordan was accused of threatening to fight the woman before she allegedly assaulted her and the man in the vehicle. During the course of the assault, Jordan kicked the rearview mirror through the windshield. Robertson was advised that Jordan was at the sheriff's office. He said the woman had an odor of alcohol on her person. Jordan claimed the woman began yelling at her and she supposedly told her to "shut the f**k up." Jordan accused the man of choking her and she passed out. She said she awoke on the side of the road and got a ride back to a house she had stayed at the night before. Jordan denied consuming alcohol that day and then said she walked to the house. Jordan was arrested and booked for simple assault and destroying property of another.

On April 23, Deputy Nick Chute responded to South 511 Road for a domestic disturbance that was physical in nature. The person who called authorities said they heard people yelling and fighting. A woman had injuries to her face and Chute noticed a broken window to the residence. The woman said the man who assaulted her left the property and his name was Kevin. The woman then said the man's name was Justin, but deputies identified him as Austin Stopp. The woman said she and Stopp had a verbal argument that turned physical. Stopp was arrested for domestic assault and battery in the presence of a minor.


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