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Police Reports 8-24-23: man threatens to kill motel guests, self

Officers were called to a local motel after a man allegedly made alarming remarks.

On Aug. 7, Tahlequah Police Officer Bruce Gower was dispatched to Oak Hill Inn & Suites for reports of a man who made suicidal and homicidal remarks. Pete Jack called the officer over and said Gower was there for him. Gower observed several opened cans of alcohol around Jack’s feet. Jack reportedly said a “mobile team” was its way to take him to a mental health facility. Jack also stated he was a diagnosed schizophrenic and had bipolar disorder. Jack was speaking with someone on his phone and became irate. He handed Gower his phone and the individual said they were unaware of what was going on. Gower said the man appeared intoxicated and he was arrested after he began screaming obscenities at the motel manager. The officer was transporting Jack to jail when the man said he needed his medication and needed to go to a mental health facility. Jack reportedly said he would kill himself in jail and he would kill everyone at the motel once he was released from jail. Jack was booked on tribal charges for public intoxication and threats to perform acts of violence.

Officer Ohavyah Soto responded to the intersection of Muskogee Avenue and Willis Road for an impaired driver. Dispatch advised that a red Dodge Challenger was reportedly all over the road and possibly struck another vehicle. Officer Gower conducted a traffic stop on the suspected vehicle and met with the driver, Michelle Wilson, who appeared dazed. Wilson said she was driving to Tahlequah High School and denied taking any medication. The woman performed a field sobriety test and claimed to have taken Benadryl the night before. Wilson was arrested for driving under the influence and transported to the Cherokee County Detention Center.

Officer Bo Smith was called to the Wash Barn Aug. 11 due to a woman who was reportedly swinging on the water hoses. Natalina Dewees was climbing the rails of the RV stall when Smith approached her. She told the officer to quit harassing her when he asked for her name. Dewees refused to give the officer her name and kept trying to walk away. The woman pulled away as Smith tried to arrest her. Dewees was transported to jail and booked for obstructing an officer and resisting arrest.

On Aug. 12, Sgt. Todd Carnes responded to Walmart after employees spotted a woman trying to conceal items in a purse. Kristie Pinkston allegedly hid $50 worth of merchandise before she exited the store. Pinkston was arrested and booked for petit larceny.

Officer Caleb Murray was dispatched to Bluff Avenue Aug. 12 for reports of an intoxicated man. The officer spotted Justin Miller in the area and noticed he was having trouble standing on his own. Miller allegedly said he was trying to get home so he could get “fu**ed up.” A woman approached the two men and Miller began to get aggravated with her. Miller was arrested for public intoxication and transported to jail.

On Aug. 15, Officer Robbie Bacon was called to Walmart where employees were working on miss-scanned reports. Employees said Sally Tannehill failed to scan a Bat Mobile Lego set and other items the day before. Bacon was called by employees who said Tannehill was back in the store shopping. Tannehill allegedly failed to scan $130 worth of merchandise and was confronted by employees. Tannehill was transported to jail and booked for larceny of merchandise from a retailer and possession of marijuana.

Reade Hogan was arrested for simple assault Aug. 12 after police were called to Dewain’s Place for a disturbance.

On Aug. 15, Libby Chase was arrested for petit larceny after officers were called to Walmart. Employees said Chase tried to leave the store with $130 worth of unpaid items.


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