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Police Reports 7-3-23: man seen striking woman in the face

Several witnesses said a man hit a woman in the face at a local bar before he fled to another bar.

On June 17, Tahlequah Police Officer Bo Smith responded to Dewain’s Place for a report of an assault that occurred inside the business. The officer was told Brendan Barlow struck a woman in the face and was being escorted to the front door before he fled from the bar. The woman said Barlow may have fled to Ned’s. Officer Harman located the man inside Ned’s and transported him to the Cherokee County Detention Center where he was booked on tribal charges for assault and battery and public intoxication.

On June 30, Lt. Matt Frits was called to Fox Trailer Park in reference to a reckless driver. Dispatch advised that a white car was speeding and nearly hit several vehicles that were parked. Officer Dylan Harman informed Frits that he saw a vehicle matching the description pull into a driveway at the trailer park. Officers approached the vehicle and met with Jaylee Caughman, who claimed that the male driver fled on foot. Frits searched the immediate area for the man but couldn’t locate him. Meanwhile, the tag to the white Chrysler that Caughman was sitting in returned to a 2007 Chevy vehicle and didn’t match the VIN to the vehicle. The woman told officers that the man drove to the trailer park to visit family. She reportedly didn’t know the man’s full name and claimed she had just met him recently. Frits said there was an odor of alcohol on Caughman’s person and asked her to step out of the vehicle. Caughman was arrested after a field sobriety test and placed in the back of a patrol vehicle. Frits searched the vehicle where he found a bong wrapped in bubble wrap on the floorboard and marijuana. Frits heard banging coming from his patrol vehicle and told Caughman to quit kicking his vehicle. She told him to hurry and to get her to jail. Frits said the woman acted as if she was going to exit his vehicle and resisted as he tried to get her leg back inside. The officer said Caughman continued to kick his vehicle and tried to spit on him as he transported her to jail. Caughman reportedly resisted and tried to kick Frits as she was escorted to the booking area. Caughman was booked on tribal charges for public intoxication, possession of paraphernalia, possession of marijuana, obstructing an officer, and resisting arrest.

Officer Michael Cates was dispatched to Family Dollar June 29 due to an intoxicated man who was causing a disturbance. Officer Pam Bell and Cates met with the man, Refugio Martinez. He admitted to consuming alcohol and was arrested. A customer at the store said Martinez tried getting in the passenger side of her vehicle. She told the man he had the wrong vehicle and Martinez apologized before walking off. Martinez was transported to jail and booked for public drunkenness.

On June 29, Lt. Bryan Qualls was patrolling the area of North Grand Avenue and Crafton Street when he noticed a man who was next to the road and unsteady on feet. The officer could see the man stumble backward and decided to check on him. Michael Jones allegedly told the officer he didn’t know where he lived. Jones admitted to consuming alcohol and then claimed he hadn’t when asked how much alcohol he consumed. Jones was arrested and booked on tribal charges for public intoxication and a warrant.

On June 19, Officer Bruce Gower was driving home after his shift when he observed a vehicle that had apparently run off the road. The vehicle continued forward before Gower conducted a traffic stop. The driver, Tiffany McBride, reportedly had blood on her hands, legs, and clothing. She told Gower she was there to pick up Aaron Ganster, who was sitting in the passenger seat. McBride said she wasn’t sure why she had blood on her and that the two of them had been arguing. Gower asked for EMS due to the blood and unknown injuries, as well as additional officers. McBride said her and Ganster were arguing because she “had too much alcohol to drink.” Ganster was arrested and advised officers of a firearm that was in the vehicle. Officers located the Smith and Wesson behind the passenger seat. McBride was arrested after a field sobriety test and booked for driving under the influence and no driver’s license.

Officer Robert Jones was dispatched to Lane Avenue June 20 in regard to a fight in progress report. Jones observed a van pull into the residence and then leave as if someone was picked up. He met with the driver, Terrence Larose, who had an odor of alcohol on his person. Larose said he was leaving a house party on Lane Avenue. Larose was arrested after a field sobriety test and booked on tribal charges for aggravated driving under the influence.

On June 21, Lt. Qualls responded to Felts Park due to a man who was causing a disturbance by yelling and screaming. Qualls made contact with Steve Lawrence, who said he consumed enough alcohol to “stay alive.” Lawrence was transported to jail and booked for public intoxication.


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