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Police Reports 6-29-23: drunken drivers taken to jail

Several people were arrested for driving under the influence after crashing their vehicles, or violating simple traffic laws.

On June 25, Tahlequah Police Officer Austin Hughart responded to North Grand Avenue and West Grandview Road due to an intoxicated driver. The caller said they were following the driver and the vehicle was missing a tire. They said the vehicle was driving about 5 miles per hour. Hughart located the vehicle, which appeared to have damage from striking something. The vehicle pulled over and Hughart met with Connor Polson. Polson claimed his tire blew out but he denied striking anything. The driver said he consumed one margarita in Tulsa. Polson was arrested and booked for aggravated driving under the influence and defective vehicle.

Officer Robert Jones was traveling behind a vehicle June 25 when he observed a vehicle pull out in front of another vehicle. The driver, Ethan Charles, told the officer he thought he had enough time when he pulled out in front of the vehicle. Charles wasn’t able to provide Jones with his driver’s license or proof of insurance. The driver exited the vehicle and was asked if he consumed any alcohol before driving. Charles denied consuming alcohol and was given a field sobriety test. Charles, a tribal member, was arrested after the test and booked for driving under the influence and transporting an open container.

On June 25, Officer Hughart was on patrol in the area of South Muskogee Avenue and Fourth Street when he observed a vehicle traveling left of center and almost striking a curb. The officer initiated a traffic stop and made contact with the driver, Michael McFadden. McFadden had an odor of alcohol coming from his person and he said he consumed two drinks. McFadden was arrested after a field sobriety test and was booked for failure to keep right, failure to yield left turn, and driving under the influence.

On June 19, Officer Bruce Gower was dispatched to El Zarape in regard to a disturbance that was related to a road rage incident. Justin Brooks said he was involved in a vehicle crash on South Muskogee Avenue. He was asked for his driver’s license and vehicle insurance but told the officer his wife would send those to his phone. The other driver involved in the crash said he became irate after Brooks allegedly told him not to call the police when the crash occurred. Gower asked Brooks if he received his documentation and Brooks advised that his wife’s phone was dead. Brooks gave the officer his name and date of birth. Gower discovered Brooks’ license was suspended and insurance on the vehicle was unconfirmed. Brooks called his wife and asked her to look for a paper that supposedly stated he was licensed to drive, but the woman couldn’t find it. The woman met with Gower and showed him what appeared to be a receipt for insurance, but the paper didn’t show a VIN or policy number. Brooks was transported to jail and booked on tribal charges for driving under suspension and no valid insurance.

Officer Zach Adams was called to Pamela Street June 19 due to a possible fight in progress. Officer Hughart arrived before Adams and was giving Dakota Hoefer commands to stand up. Hoefer was initially non-compliant, but he turned away from the officers before he was arrested. He was booked on tribal charges for public intoxication.

On June 26, Sgt. Todd Carnes responded to EZ Mart due to reports of an intoxicated man. Carnes arrived to see Nicholas Ballard fall against the building of the business. Ballard stumbled inside the store before he spoke with Carnes. The man was asked if he consumed any alcohol and Ballard reportedly said, “I’ll drink anything the white man brings me; beer or whiskey.” Ballard was arrested for public drunkenness.


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